Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Start Packing
Not sure what the string would be for...
Well, here I am again.  Packing up to make a move...this is my third in five years.  If I wasn't obsessed with organizing and interior decorating I may not like this one bit. Thankfully I do and while I don't love it, I can handle it.  Even more thankfully, this is surely to be my last one for awhile, I am a full blown home owner!  Even more thankfully than that, I have the perfect "handy-lady, working woman uniform, so I am ready to go!

So, where to start?  Well, that's easy, you gotta go through everything, e-very-thing.  There should not be one drawer unturned, not one shelf not ignored, everything must be touched!  I usually start in the guest room, going through storage bins, closets and drawers galore.  If I don't love it or it hasn't been used in awhile, it has got to go!  Once the items have been organized and placed nice and tidel-y in their storage bins, we are ready to make this room our staging room.  The guest bed gets striped, thrown up against the wall and the room transforms into packing party 2013.

Get that bed outta here!

Everything that is gone through and ready to go, will now live in here so the rest of the house doesn't become over-run and un-livable feeling.  I like to keep my house cozy and nice until the last minute.  Whatever doesn't need to be used until the big move, gets cleaned and stored away.  Slowly but surely, the home gets turned back into just a house.

Once you have some space to work with, the walls need to become the blank slates they started as, so down comes the wall decor.  Clean it, pack it and patch the walls; a tedious but necessary chore.  Each day a bit more gets packed away, starting with the stuff you don't use.  I usually go guest room (if you have one), walls, living room, kitchen then bedroom.  It isn't necessarily easy, not fun for many, but it needs to be done and done it will get!

Organized chaos...I swear.
More Nest-A-Palooza to come soon!

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