Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Post It Unpacking Party

One of the hardest/most fun things to do in my opinion is unpacking the kitchen.  With new cabinets and storage space, how do you decide where everything goes?  When I lived in my last "actual" house, I had oodles of room.  Then, sadly, I downsized to a condo and had to really utilize every nook and cranny.  Alas, I am a homeowner and again have to find a place for everything.  That ice cream maker and Cuisinart are coming back out!

Who's that cute overall-clad working girl?
Since Nic moved first, I was able to attack her move full force and literally work for two (I carried her weight since she carried a baby, seemed fair).  I helped her pack it up, move it and unload it.  The packing it up proved slightly problematic as I had to "sass-mouth" her into throwing away her large amounts of unnecessary kitchen items.  I mean NO ONE needs 6 wooden spoons, I don't care how much they love Mac & to go!  I was able to get her to downsize considerably and make some wise choices as what she wanted to take with her...Thank G.

All of this had to go somewhere...yikes!
Once we were in her new home her first order of business (once her MIL and I crazily cleaned the crap out of that kitchen) was to have us unpack it.  Again, I fully support her sitting and dictating (or letting us do whatever we wanted) the set up of her new kitchen. I mean she does trust me 100%!

Before we started unloading the boxes and throwing her stuff into new sparkling clean cabinets I suggested (the idea of course coming from my Thriving Momma) to first practice a post it party.  With a fresh stack of post-its in the pocket of my overalls, I took to labeling.  We made sure to find a place for everything and ensure everything had a place.

With everything post-ed up we went from boxes to counter to cabinet..worked great...see Nic's gorgeous MIL the reflection?!
 Soon, we were ready to start unloading!  We were thrilled that we had so much room left over and didn't need to move kitchen items ten times as we realized we had forgotten things...we did it all just right!
Loving these tidy dish stacks!
The most perfect pantry!
 I am so looking forward to using this great method in my house this week!  Do you have any great organizing tips to share?

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