Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Paint...To Hate or Not to Hate?

As new homeowners Nic and I are being faced with more and more nest-like challenges. Flooring, appliances, counter tops and alas...painting.

Paint is great!  I mean it can just freshen up just about any room and makes everything feel so much cleaner.  It seems only natural when buying a home that one of the first things you do is to paint.  But you need to decide...who is doing it?

I have painted quite a few places I have lived.  I painted almost every place I rented while in college (probs wasn't supposed to do that..oops) and I even painted a few rooms after college as well. It's not that I always hated it, it is just that I grew to hate it.  The endless time it takes to prep, the actual act of painting (the rolling, the edging, the letting it dry an then doing it again) and then the cleanup, well it's just too much.  Granted, many of the times I painted I had help from my wonderful family (Geena & Poppa) as well as my devoted TH, I never learned to love it.  I always messed it up, didn't like the way it turned out and realized it wasn't for me.  I needed to face facts; I hated to paint.

So, what to do what to do?  Force yourself to do it even though you would rather clean toilets all day?  Save money doing it yourself but use valuable time?  Risk it not being perfect and just do it?  Uggghhh! Being a homeowner is already proving to be very tough!

Well, I guess that is something that is needed to be decided...I am leaning towards hiring out, Nic is leaning towards doing it herself (well, having her family do it, she is 7 months preggo for goodness sake).

Some colors I was entertaining for our home...the check marks mean TH approved!
 I guess for now I'll start with picking out paint..and taking quotes....

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