Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Paint Me Happy!

If you don't already know that I am not a fan of painting, let me tell you: I AM NOT.  Not sure why or how I started to dislike this activity so much, but it just did and I just do.  Needless to say, after a long house hunt,and a  busy escrow we were thrilled to get the keys and finally make this house our dream home! First things first, we needed to get that baby painted inside and out! 

Some swatches that made the final cut...
After going back and forth on what to do ourselves and what to pay for, we were pretty settled on getting the outside professionally done and doing the inside ourselves.  We got a few quotes from painters on Craiglist and finally settled on a lovely gentleman who came out, took a look throughout the inside and outside of the house and was willing to adjust his original quote down $500 due to the minimal repairs he would have to make.  Well, as soon as I heard this I literally begged my TH to just let him do the whole thing...BEGGED!  After a few minutes of prepping my fake tears to make a stronger case, he finally said we could do it..IF...he came down another $500.  Ok, ok, I could work with that.  I got that painter on the phone, apologized about having to even ask such a question, but....was he willing to work with us...for a lower price?!  (Insert slightly awkward silence for two seconds).."Emilia, you are such a nice lady, for you, we can work with your budget"..YES! So, a deal we get the inside and outside the same time!  VICTORY!! Not only had I dodged the painting bullet, but we had scored a killer steal on this paint job and it was going to be done in just one week, HOORAY!

Our painter and his hardworking team decided to start on the inside, so after ordering my glorious paint, having it delivered to my home, they got started bright and early on a Tuesday morning.  I asked them to take that nasty hot desert sand color OUT and bring IN a cool Manhattan Mist.

Great floors, not so great wall color...
Looks a tad better in this nice light...still hate it.
The bathroom got even more orange-y...yuck!
When I left for work, I waved goodbye to the desert heat color and couldn't wait to get home.  That afternoon..TA DA, there was that gorgeous grey I had chosen!  The bathroom suddenly became a shady tropical oasis in a pretty Crystal Gem color.  I couldn't believe how fast they worked and how great it looked, best money EVER spent!

Ahhhhh, Manhattan Mist, how I love you...

Crystal Gem, that is just what you are...
With the entire inside nearly done (three bedrooms, two bathrooms as well as the main rooms) they were ready to get started prepping the outside.  First they needed to fix any stucco repairs and power wash the entire place.  Since, the existing tan color was just boring and old looking, I knew it needed a major makeover.  We decided on a Grey Ash, house with bright white trim to make it look clean and fresh.  Add a pop of Ruby Ring red to the front door to honor my fire fighting husband (his pick), and we were ready to witness the transformation!

Clearly that is a strong power washer...took the old paint right off!   

This poor color is just so...blah

A week later and my house was complete!  Inside and out was done and just perfect!! Now I could actually start moving things around, putting my long forgotten treasures throughout the house and start landscaping.  This homeowner thing was JUST WHAT I ALWAYS DREAMED OF!!!!!! 

Do you have any painting experiences that have been nothing but positive?  Please share your fun with past painting parties.

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