Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Dress the Part

Well, it is starting ya'll - Nest-A-Palooza is here!  As our lives are now completely centered around being new homeowners (sorry, Nic has had to put her pregnancy in the backseat), we want to share all our nesting tips with our glorious readers.  So, here we go!

As a homeowner, I think it is very important to be ready to work.  I usually get pretty serious moving anywhere as I take great pride in my home and therefore need it to be set up, clean and cozy within days.  I tend to be a wave of power during my moves and will just keep going and going nonstop until it is done.  Sounds crazy and unrealistic? It totally is, but lucky for me it helps that nearly all my moves have been over summer when I have time-a plenty as school is out, thank G!

However, now that I finally have a house, to which I can do anything  I want, this is a whole different ball game.  I have to organize, pack, move, clean, paint (booo, I hate this more than anything), unpack, craft my heart out and find the perfect spot for everything...and that is only the inside!  So, in order to do all that and I obviously need the perfect "handy-lady" outfit...overalls.

As per Em-usual I create things in my mind that aren't easy to find and often times don't exist.  Lucky for me, on this particular mission I know jean overalls exist, I just had to find them.  Granted the entire time I was kicking myself that I didn't just save the ones I had in the 90's..this always happens in fashion!  However, after getting some input from my family I decided to check out Wal-Mart (no luck at all), Ace Hardware (no, I did not want a plastic painting suit) and Sears.  Still, no luck.  I did find some white painter overalls and while I was willing to settle, I wanted to exhaust all my other avenues first. I mean, I was afterall trying to simulatenously have a go-to work fit while also tricking myself into wanting to be a painter.  I decided to hit the Goodwill circuit in hopes I would find just what I had in my mind.

After three different searches and coming away empty handed and a bit saddened, I was starting to see those white painting overalls in a whole new light.  Just as I was shopping at a random tool store and going to buy them my mom and magical Aunt B mentioned there was a Goodwill next to where we were.  I quickly jumped away from the register and ran out the door.  I searched the jean section high and low and was pleased to see so many designer jeans (Joe's, Sevens & Citizens, which was surprising) but no overalls.  The most annoying part was the way the hang the denim totally makes EVERYTHING look like overalls so the entire time my heart is going up and down...such an emotional journey.

Just when all hope was lost, I found them!!! The same Calvin Klein jean overalls I too had in 6th grade!!! Granted they were a small, I was going to make it work!!!  Easily, the best $20 I've spent in a long time.

You see that paint?!
I decided to go with a friendly cuff to get a little boyfriend-jean-esque look going.  This made the fact that they were a tad tight not so bad.  With the major component of my "handy-lady" uniform ready to go, now I just needed the finishing touches: shoes, bandana and bright red lipstick.

Since I have TOMS galore, I decided to donate a pair of lesser worn, not so fabulous pair to my new uniform.  I couldn't be wearing sandals doing all this serious work and I surely wasn't wearing bulky tennis shoes.  My slip on Vans were nowhere to be found, so this seemed like the next best choice.  V-necks or tank tops (or bathing suit tops for me) would work perfect under these bad-boys so that was a no brainer.  Top this all with a bandana in my hair and red lips, I was ready to move, paint and Pinterest craft my heart out!

Somebody call for a side-ponied painter?!
Do you have a go-to work outfit that you wear when working around the house? Share it with us today!

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