Monday, June 3, 2013

Make Your Mondays - June 3rd

We were BU-to the-SY getting Nic all moved in to her freshly painted and carpeted (upstairs) new, real life home! After our thriving friends met at her old rental, we had quite the truck caravan roll down 405 to do a major Friday night drop off.  Saturday Nic's in-laws came down (again) to help get things moved around and her MIL and Em got the kitchen fully post-ited and unloaded in a jiffy!  With new purchases made and more unpacking to go, Nest-A-Palooza is in FULL SWING  as Em's move is coming up fast this week... yikes!  Even more reason to take a quick break from all that stress and allow our hearts to sing with appreciation and Well-being!

When you feel negative you are negative.  When you feel good you are allowing goodness to spread from you to others.  Be positively contagious, take your well-being and "tag" every person with whom you come into contact.  Do not allow those feelings of negativity to block your flow of energy from being nothing but positive.  Allow your heart to sing and share that song with the world.

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