Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Your Mondays - June 17th

We hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day yesterday! Nic spent some time with her TH since it's his 30th birthday this coming Tuesday, and even managed to get a nap in on Saturday in between activities and continuing her house projects.  Em was a busy homemaking bee, doing her best to accommodate her team of painters (more to come on that later) all the while unpacking as best she could.  Don't worry though, she was able to fit in a quick trip to the Long Beach Antique Market as well as the Randomly Glorious Furniture Warehouse with Nic.  We are never too busy for a frugal fab find hunt!

So much of our society bases success on material; what we have and how much.  What if each of us, one by one, started to shift our focus from what we want to what we have?  What if success was measured by the amount of happiness and joy we felt?  Wow, doesn't that sound like a nice world to live in.  Well, make that world your reality and strive for happiness within each moment of each day.  Decide that your success will only be measured by does it feel? 

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