Monday, June 10, 2013

Make Your Mondays - June 10th

June has proven to be quite busy for this thriving duo as the moving/unpacking has quickly taken over our lives!  Em got the keys to her new home early this week and was busy cleaning, meeting painters and contractors all the while her TH was working hard to move everything into the garage.  She also attended a great neon themed bachelorette party in Las Vegas for her SFBF Lex, she's not quite sure if it was a good or bad for her OCD as she missed the weekend moving madness.  Nic continued her personal Nest-a-Palooza through the week and attended a lovely wedding in Chico for her friend Ang.  Lots going on these days which is even more of a reason to continue to live joyfully!

There are many different philosophies about how we are born.  Are we inherently good or bad?  Is "goodness" or "badness" something that is learned or is it predetermined?  Well, I agree with Abraham here, we are all predetermined to have a joyful experience.  Despite the unfortunate situations we may have to experience or being born into a less than thriving environment, we all have the ability to continually strive to thrive. We have the ability to control our lives and choose to feel however we please.  So we as creations are never truly complete, but always changing, hopefully for the better.

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