Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LBAM: Start To Summer

With Nest-a-Palooza in full swing, it was only appropriate that Nic and I visit one of our favorite Sunday stops...the Long Beach Antique Market!  Knowing that we needed some serious furniture pieces for Nic's new home, we went in on a mission...set out for as many frugal fab finds as possible.

As usual, once we made it through the gates we laid out our plan of attack.  Since the LBAM can be large and daunting (especially in the heat) we started on one end and went row by row keeping an eye out for booths we knew may carry what we were looking for.

I of course had trouble staying on track and was pulled in many different directions checking out things I wanted.  For example, since my wonderful MIL started an antique collection of fire extinguishers for my fire fighting husband, this light fixture totally caught my eye.  Why didn't I think of that?!

TH would LOVE this!
Lately, I have also been rather obsessed with vintage fans.  My BF Shell has one and I always want to steal it, I think I may be getting close to breaking down and buying my own.

Classic little GE cutie...

Finally, Nic was able to reign me in and get me to focus on why we really came here...to get her some GD furniture!  Just as we were starting to make our way down another row, we spotted a booth carrying a bit more of what we were looking for...old and colorful! 

We liked this periwinkle guy, but weren't sure what to do with it...we needed to LOVE it for that price!
This was a bit more on target in the color department, but still just wasn't making us scream...so we decided to walk around and revisit if we couldn't stop thinking about it....
We were in the market for more mint when it came the baby's room and a bit of classic vintage ivory for Nic's master.

Found this guy which was pretty on point as far as color and style, but just not big enough!
After finding many "close calls" but nothing worth actually purchasing, we were starting to get a little down...and it was hot which wasn't helping our dedication to the cause.  So, we regrouped, got a frozen lemonade and tried to pep up a bit.  Thankfully, we found a vintage Pyrex sale and I was suddenly REBORN!  Since I was in the market for 9 x 13's and had been looking everywhere, I nearly died when I found TWO!  A perfect rose and lime-sicle to match?1!  Each at the low price of $10...SCORE!  Miraculously, I could have shopped for hours, funny how Pyrex does that to me.  I also found a casserole and pie Pyrex in a gorgeous lemon, I mean, was I dreaming of was all this really happening?! They were the most amazing addition to my existing hodge-podge collection!

In the words of my idol, Ariel..."wouldn't you think my collection's complete?"

With my spirits now lifted, I knew we needed to get Nic a frugal fab find of her own so we could leave there feeling slightly accomplished.  Alas, we spotted the most perfectly pink vanity chair Nic could have ever dreamed of...we had to have it!  For the low price of $40, I answered for Nic..."We'll take it!"

Finally, she was feeling some of the giddy energy I was feeling and the two hours of wandering the aisles of the LBAM was again met with victory! Despite not filling up my TH's truck as we had planned, we at least both left happy and tickled pink!  Check out our previous LBAM treasures as there are surely more to come soon!

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