Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Burn It to Earn It

Since I am quite the fitness fanatic as well as a "word-smithess" it is no surprise that I have coined quite a few "Em-isms" over the years.  One of my new favorites is "Burn it to Earn it".  What does that mean you ask? Well, that means if it isn't hurting (in a hurt so good sort of way) and you aren't pushing yourself.  If you aren't pushing yourself and entering uncharted fitness territories, well then by golly you aren't going to make a change.

Your body has the ability to constantly adapt, which is exactly what it does.  Remember when you started a new workout and felt you were going to die? That is to be expected, so know that going in and learn to love that burn.

I know my friend M had this same problem when she joined my workout regiment.  I started her on a very basic running program with the goal being to increase her duration and intensity over time.  When she started she was of course out of breath and about to pass out two minutes in, but she kept at it (plus I was yelling at her to never quit..which always helps).  Each week she was got faster and was able to go longer. We kept adding time and not only has she grown to be quite a running addict (whether or not she realizes it), but she is now running 3 miles in well under 30 minutes.  To top it off she always sprints to her finish! How is that for motivation! 

Does pushing yourself burn?  Yes.  Is that a feeling you should shy away from? No. It is a feeling you should embrace.  The only way to make change is to get there.  To dig deeper than before and find strength hiding within utter weakness.

Feel your legs shake as you "will" yourself through that wall sit.  Feel your arms and shoulders burn as you complete that last set of push-ups.  If you burn it with the goal being to earn it...then earn it you will.

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