Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weight Ain't Nuthin' But a Number

There are few things women avoid like they do the scale.  I can't tell you how many friends I have that dread going to the doctor not because of shots, diagnoses or checkups but because of the weigh in.  Even now I have some friends participating in the "Biggest Loser" at work and taking that scale fear head on.  Despite their new found commitment to healthy eating and active living, if the scale doesn't show them a magic number, their whole mindset shifts. They become down, lose that motivation they had only minutes before and are ready to throw it all away over one stupid weigh in.

Why?  Does that dumb number suddenly erase all the work they have been putting in for the past weeks? Heck no it doesn't.  So, I always take time to remind them that it isn't about being the "Biggest Loser" it is about being the "Biggest Life Changer".  Losing weight is no big deal if you are only going to gain it all back once the game is over.  It is not about crash dieting and binging on exercise for a short period of time to win a pool of money.  It is about changing your bad, mindless habits into new found thoughtful choices.  It is about stopping to think about if what you are putting in your body is going to work for you or against you.  It is about deciding whether you are willing to carve some time in your day to get moving or being content just continuing to sit.  If you don't make changes in your everyday life, you surely won't see changes in your body.

However, if you have been making those better choices in diet and exercise and aren't seeing those numbers drop fast enough, don't get discouraged but stop and ask yourself how you feel.  How does your mind feel after a workout?  How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?  How do your clothes fit now that you have been working out and eating right?  Do you feel less stressed?  Do you feel good about yourself?  If the answers to those questions are positive, then who the heck cares what that lame-o scale says.  Trust how you feel and take that as the one and only indicator of the changes you are making.  Don't let your focus be derailed by digits.  Stay motivated and keep working hard!

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