Friday, May 10, 2013

Water Snobs

I meet a lot of people who are gung ho on water bottles.  I don't mean the great stainless steel or BPA- free plastic bottles that are totally acceptable, but those horrible, chemical laden, Earth ruining, fish killing plastic bottles produced by those massive and seemingly uncaring companies such as Nestle and Coca Cola. 

Love Brita pitchers - saves the Earth and money while getting that "bottled" taste
It never ceases to amaze me as people buy these bottles of water in bulk,  and just chug through one after the other.  Yes, a few bottles hopefully make it  in the recycling bin and that is GREAT... but let's think.  What chemicals were used to make that plastic bottle? Are those chemicals harmful to one's health? What water is really in that bottle?  Why am I paying for water in the first place?

Reusable BPA-free plastic cups are pretty popular these days - we love to add fruit or citrus to add some flavor to our water all day long!
While I wasn't much of a bottled water drinker more for environmental issues surrounding plastic and fear I was slowly killing myself with chemical ingestion, I was still totally shocked to learn said, "facts" of the bottled water industry from the documentary Tapped.

Before I get all judge-y on you, watch the movie and decide for yourself what you think.  Do some research of your own and make your own conclusions, but above all else, get informed!!  Think about paying for something our government regulates in order to give it to you for free.  Don't think for one hot second that these ginormous corporations give a hoot about you or your health.  The only thing they care about is the presidents coming out of your wallet.  So, take action to keep yourself safe and in control of what you drink.

Love my slightly beat up SIGG - goes with me everywhere so I never need to buy those bottles!
How to start your recovery from water snob-dom:
  1. Learn about your local water systems. While there are some areas of the United States that have less than perfect drinking water, on the whole, we are much better off than a large percentage of the world.  So, see what is going on with your municipal system today.
  2. Buy a Brita or something else you can use at home to make you feel better about embracing the dreaded "tap water".
  3. Get a water bottle you can refill and reuse throughout your day. Whether a SIGG bottle (my personal favorite), BPA-free Nalgene or a trusty Mason Jar, just stop using that damn PLASTIC, it's gross!
  4. Quit being such a water snob and get informed... we are incredibly lucky to have access to FREE and CLEAN drinking water... so let's use it!
Don't forget it!

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