Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spray Paint Party

My Aunt B and I have started a "Pinterest Projects" collection and have great plans for all the crafts we are going to execute... we just haven't yet, but we will, we swear we will!  Well, over my recent Spring Break, I decided to follow through on that promise and actually knock one project out; spray painting. Because I am obsessed with chalkboard paint and turning anything I can get my hands on into a chalkboard, I was thrilled to finally use the can Aunt B had bought me months ago.  I had lots of plans for that can, lots.  I wanted to spray paint a stool I bought during a Garage Sale'n Goddess trip, a rod iron "P" my MIL gave me and old cookie tins my mom saved for me that desperately needed a make-over.

Old cookie tins in need of a much needed makeover
It's not Christmas all year and I need these babies in action!
So much to do!
The team....
With a couple new cans of colored paint to go with my chalk, my grandparents wide open space to spray away in and my Poppa as my assistant and prep-man, we were ready to go!  Pop got out a table, got it all set up for me and I just sprayed my heart out. I decided to use color on the bottom of the tins and chalk on the tops so I could write all over them.  I went with the same idea for the stool and made the "P" proud and blue.

Great prep Poppa! He got me all set up and even unscrewed the top of my little step to make it easier for me to paint...love that guy!
Feeling aqua blue with these tins and P!
You can tell I went back and forth between colors and items...
LOVE chalkboard paint, but it does scratch quite easily which I am not sure is just poor skills or the paints fault... I blame the paint.
The finished product! With these great old binder clips I just adore...
I just love this light baby pink and sweet blue, but clearly the pink is a bit messed up... DRAT!

 I learned a few things about spray painting that day:
  1. Don't buy spray paint on sale, especially KRYLON brand.
  2. Don't think spray painting something means you can throw it in the back of your car later and think it won't scratch.
  3. Don't pretend you are really good at spray painting and get then not be surprised when you have drip marks... you do not work on "Pimp My Tin" and have mad spray painting skills.
  4. Get crazy with left over paint... like I did with my SIL's mailbox the next day, just went nutty! 
Mailbox love!
Hit the side with the numbers just in case the mailman forgot...
Oh yeah letters!
All in all, I was pleased with my first round spray paint party and am looking forward to my next (and hopefully better) go round!

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  1. Aunt B chiming in... My dearest little LouLou (aka Em), I think your beautiful little treasures may have fared better had you primed the tins first. Rustoleum makes a great primer in a few different colors. After you prime (and let dry for at least 24 hours), paint in a cute little "Ballet Slipper" pink, you can also seal the tin (or any other spray painted beauty) with sealer. I prefer the Krylon sealer. Another thing to always remember when using spray paint is that they always need thin coats and more than one. Less paint and more coats makes it more even and lessens the chance of drips. Let's have a spray paint party soon! XOXOXO - B

    1. Oh Aunt B your wisdom is so appreciated!

      I will surely take your tips into consideration and enlist you in the many spray painting parties that are coming soon. Thank you!!

      Strive to thrive,


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