Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sassy Southwestern Salad

 I love salads, I really do.  We easily eat them almost every night (ok, every night is more accurate).  So, I like to keep them sassy and oh so delish to keep my meat eating TH happy.  One salad he is always happy to eat is my Sassy Southwestern - it is one of my faves too!

All you need is seven sassy ingredients for this salad:

Lettuce (romaine, spinach or spring mix will do)
1 cup of organic quinoa
1/2 cup of organic corn
1/2 cup of organic black beans

1/2 cup chopped carrots
1/2 cup of grilled onions
Sliced Avocado

Once the salad fixins' are ready to go, we need to whip up the stellar dressing:

1/2 cup of spicy salsa
2 tablespoons of bleu cheese or ranch dressing (I like bleu cheese personally)
1  tablespoon of BBQ sauce

Dressing time!

Chop up the lettuce and throw in the dressing.  Mix it all up and make sure it evenly disperses to each leaf (I like equality and each bite to be perfectly dressed)...

Look at that, now we are getting somewhere!

Once you have given it a good toss, then go ahead and add the quinoa, beans, carrots and corn, toss it again to get all the flavors molding together.

Now that we are all mixed, "lightly dust" the grilled onions and chopped avocado on top of the salad to before serving.

But before we serve, we gotta add the kicker...quesadilla slices...Taking uncooked tortillas (Costco has GREAT ones) go ahead and start it cooking, add a light jalapeno spread (Costco again kills it here) and a light (not more than 1/4 cup) sprinkle of shredded cheese).

Get it cooking, golden brown and as perfect as ever!

While that quesadilla is cooling, plate the salad, the cut the quesadilla into wedges and place atop that heaping and oh so sassy beauty....then ENJOY!


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