Thursday, May 2, 2013

Orange County Antique Market

When Nic and I were cordially invited to check out the 1st Orange County Antique Market, we were not only so honored, but thrilled as well!  When our complimentary tickets arrived, we knew we were on our way to becoming a big blog deal.  We made our plan and got really excited to check out the goods and being even more excited to actually maybe buy some stuff for Nic's new house she just bought (or Em's vintage hoarding addiction). 

When we arrived to the OC Fairgrounds we weren't quite sure where to go so we just started walking.  We were "forced" to go through the section of the OC Marketplace (which is there every weekend and has a more modern shopping experience) where all the furniture for both in and outdoors was, and there was squealing a plenty! After some booth perusing and maxi skirt purchasing, we finally found the antique market tucked away just as any magical place would be.

Once we crossed the threshold, I as usual was off and running.  Too much to see for one set of eyes, so Nic and I worked together (as we always do) to make sure and share the eye catchers that were racing by.

Had to check out some goods prior to entering the antique market... like this gorgeous firepit table c/o Extreme Backyard Designs.

Had to check out this stamp booth on our way in...


Love this one!

Calling on Thriving Wives! The entrance to our new favorite stop!

Adore this totally weathered piece as well as this old mixer
I have a slight obsession with vintage high chairs and this one was AWESOME!
Really love the tile on this little side table...
HYDRANGEAS? Fold up chair for $40?! Killer steal!
 I love old tins and for $2 this guy came home with me and is making my kitchen counter a happier place!
We did squeal over this glass punch bowl... love!
Oh don't worry, this gorgeous set of Pyrex came home with me for $40!
Our TH's dream bar, c/o Planks USA
AMAZING, sweet vintage silverware wind chimes, c/o Second Tyme Chimes
This little cutie came home with me...
I just LOVE these!
$4 vintage aprons? Well OK! Nic made sure to snag one of these!
Nic can't resist a good vintage typewriter.
Fine, fine, I'll go on stage, but I'm only making an appearance...

While the area was small (about four rows), we were so thankful to (for once) not be super overwhelmed.  Many of the other antique markets we attend are so huge that we often need to stop, create a plan of attack and try to stay focused to get through each row.  However, this little guy was PERFECT for a morning activity and in no way, shape, or form was an all day event.

Each vendor that we spoke with was SO NICE!  I mean they were all thrilled to have their goods photographed and even more excited to take our cards.  As we made our way slowly through each aisle, we were really impressed with the selection.  Even more so that we were able to bee-bop around as the old school tunes were played from the stage throughout the morning.

We continued to be impressed with all the vintage steals and even more so with the prices.  The vendors were equally as accepting of my haggling and we made away with some GREAT items at more than fair prices.

Not only are we SUPER pumped to head back to the OC Antique Market, but don't think anyone in the area should miss it next time around! Thanks so much for inviting us!

You can get more information about the OCAM at

Don't forget to follow them for updates on special events!

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