Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mothers & Daughters

With Mother's Day being this weekend we thought it was the perfect time to share a bit about our relationships with our very own Thriving Mommas.  Since we are both slightly only children (having only half-siblings) and SUPER close with our moms, we take this holiday quite seriously!  So take time to cherish and spoil those mothers of yours this weekend because I mean... they did give you life!


Since my parents divorced when I was very young, it was my wonderful mommy who made me her entire world.  My great-grandparents, grandparents and aunts were all huge parts of my life, but at the end of the day it was me and my mom.  She did everything for me.  She is an independent, brilliant and gorgeous working woman who worked her way to the top only to make sure I had everything I ever could ever dream of.  Tuesday morning limo rides to the airport and jetting to Maui for the week (true story, first grade, it was awesome), 4 am backseat slumber parties of one as she drove me to all corners of California for volleyball tournaments to spending hours making all my wedding craft dreams come true before my big day.  She has always been able to give me everything while also teaching me to be appreciative.  She continues to be the center of my world and I am beyond lucky to have her as my mom.

While my 28 year old self is as obsessed with my mom as I was when I was two, it wasn't always like that.  I had my "crazy years" where I literally lost all sanity to tweendom and hated her with every bone of my body.  Clearly she was trying to ruin my life by not allowing me to go to parties where kids were drinking, doing drugs and then driving... I mean I was convinced she was trying to sink my social career.  But alas, no, she was protecting her precious, only baby girl and making decisions for me until she felt I was mature and wise enough to make those good decisions on my own... which of course I eventually did.

One of our many NYC trips and our fav stop in Economy Candy Store!
Despite our years of turmoil, I couldn't be more grateful to the angels of heaven for calling my number and sending me down to her.  She has made me the person I am today and taught me everything I know.  Heck, this entire blog is practically "ode to mom".  I want to be her.  She is everything that I see a perfect woman is: kind, thoughtful, caring, family oriented, smart, handy, witty, talented, funny and full of life.  She is everything I strive to become and if one day I can be half as amazing as her, I will be a very happy lady.   


I am also a child of divorce, but my parents didn't split until I was 16 so I still have plenty of childhood memories that involved my Papa, the difference is that my dad has two daughters from a previous marriage but I am my Mama's one and only baby. Make no mistake, I love my dad and half-sisters with all my heart and cherish the relationship we have, but the bond my mom and I have is unparalleled with any other one I've had in my life.

Like Em's mom, my own made me the center of her world and did everything she could to make sure I had a rich (in experience) and fulfilling life. She was fortunate to be able to stay at home with me, often volunteering at my school and in my classroom, which was something I loved as she was usually only minutes away. She always organized fantastic vacations and trips, encouraging me to travel as much as possible which has given me a wanderlust I am thankful for. Her passion for being the best mother she could be has led to an unwavering admiration from myself and everyone around her. Yes, I also had some teen years that were hard on both of us, but she also made it pretty easy for me by trusting me and having limitless patience. I will always be grateful.

Of course it's easy to wax poetic about all the things she's given me, but I think our relationship is special because I also respect her as a person. She's one of the smartest and most capable women I've ever known, with the most open and loving heart (which can sometimes be her downfall). I really can't say, between her and Em, who has a more consistently positive attitude about everything and everyone. I tend to be more cynical (or as I like to say, realistic) but my Mama always holds out hope for the best and is legitimately shocked when people let her down. I guess when you are just so naturally sweet, you really can't help but think the best of those around you, and it's something I've always admired. Her thirst for knowledge seems to have led her to become quite the encyclopedia of information, something I can only hope to aspire to someday. Luckily I can just call her up when I have a question!

Happy Mother's Day Mommas we LOVE LOVE LOVE you with all our hearts!

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