Monday, May 20, 2013

Make Your Mondays - May 20th

Em had another busy week and welcomed the weekend with open arms.  After helping her Aunt B with a community garage sale, she ended up spending what she made... oops!  But oh the treasures she got!  Her girl Ash came down from LA for a neon shopping spree dinner with Nic and a party at Jay Gatsby's... too bad we had to attend the one at Robert Redford's house on Em's couch with fro yo since Leo's house was sold out.  A lovely beach day on Sunday recharged her for the week ahead which will all culminate with the first stage of Nic's moving party into her real house! Nic was, of course, a busy little bee - ordering major appliances, baby furniture, and paint for the new house. Planning for a baby AND a new house is a lot of work! Which is why it's even more important to remember sentiments like today's quote...

Oh pivoting, what a great way of putting it.  Get up on that toe, twist those hips and turn those feelings around!  Why do you feel negative?  Frustrated? Stressed? Tired? Low blood sugar?  Well, whatever it is, take a second to identify why that emotion is negative, determine what you want and then SHIFT to a better feeling.  While it takes some practice, it is WELL worth the effort.  Remember, it feels better to feel good.

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