Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Your Mondays - May 13th (Mother's Day Edition)

Nic had an absolutely blissful time on her babymoon in Maui, and while she isn't looking forward to the work week ahead, at least she can go into it tanned and relaxed! Em jetted home to the Bay Area to be with her Thriving Momma, get in some much needed family time and organize treasures finally ready to make the trip down South to go in her REAL LIFE HOME (more on that to come).  She even had the pleasure of attending the sing-a-long and interactive presentation of her favorite ABBA inspired Momma Mia! on Mother's Day... the only thing missing was Nic, her other ABBA obsessed half!

I truly believe we are products of our environment.  This includes in most cases being highly influenced and shaped by the people who raise us.  This isn't to say that we become clones of our parents, but much of who we become is a result of how we were brought up.  Children are observant, always watching and mimicking what they see at home.  I see it every day as a teacher, these little people parrot what they hear at home and spout off views they may not understand but have been exposed to their whole lives. It is only as we grow, experience the world and mature is it that we start to develop our own take on life.  So be the parent that exposes your children to happiness.  Be the parent who takes everything with a grain of salt, sees life through rose colored glasses and is always thankful for what they have.  Take control of your outlook on life and make it a joyous one, if not for yourself, for the people you created.

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