Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindness...Pass It On

I recently had the pleasure of starting a chain reaction of kindness and watching it unfold in front of my very eyes.  Needless to say I was pretty giddy the rest of the evening and wouldn't shut up about how amazing it feels to do nice things for others..just as my TH's eyes were starting to roll to the floor.

It all started on a date night out.  I dressed myself right up and we hit a fancy restarunat for a nice dinner to celebrate life.  Despite the fact I had made reservations we were forced to wait, not a problem for me, I had nowhere to be and happily replied that it was no big deal.  The hostess (or so I thought) seemed thrilled with my carefree and positive attitude, which made it even clearer that she was not getting that same response from the other patrons as they continued to pack in the small waiting area before being seated.  Too bad for them!  As we stood waiting, I kept my eyes peeled for a spot to open up in the bar where we could sit and have a drink prior to dinner, nothing was coming up, but I still didn't get crabby.  I was looking great, had a gorgous man at my side and was happy as a bumble bee to be out with him.

As we continued to wait the five, ten and fifteen minutes, I could feel my TH getting slightly agitated.  He asked me for the third time if we had reservations to which I smiled and responded a confident, "yes".  Then I saw a woman's jacket lying on the floor in the bar behind her seat.  I immediately started to make my way across the room to pick it up for her when my TH asked where I was going.  I told him I was going to pick up that jacket and he told me it was fine, someone would get it.  He explained it was too crowded for me to be making my way across the room in my sky high heels.  Well, uneasily, I said ok and just stared at the jacket.  I was sick.  Why wasn't anyone closer getting the jacket?  I saw people stepping over it, was this really happening?!  I couldn't take it one more second.  I told my TH I was going to pick up the jacket, ignored his heavy sigh and marched right over.  I did my ladylike dip, picked up the jacket and asked if it was hers, she quickly responded yes and thanked me over and over.  I said it was no problem at all, felt much better and started to make my way back to my TH.  Just like that a table in the bar opened in front of me and I snagged it.  There weren't even any table stalkers around to steal it from me...I knew it had been my good deed going noticed!

As I waved over my TH he sat down laughing knowing he should have known better than to stop me from helping someone, he knows I have a true passion for kindness, duh.  As he sat, I quickly went and mentioned to the hostess that we found a table in the bar and were going to have a glass of wine before dinner.  She told me how much she appreciated me letting her know and thanked me again for being so patient.  I reminded her it wasn't a problem at all, we realized it was a busy night and reservation or not, sometimes you have to wait!  After another grateful smile, I went back to our table and noticed two drinks.  Apparently, she had drinks sent over and comped for us since we not only waited, but were so great about it... Another good deed NOT gone unnoticed.  So crazy to think that simple, basic courtesy is so easy, feels so great but is seen as rare...wierd.

Just as we were sipping our drinks we started chatting with some other guests smashed into the bar area hoping for a table to open up.  They were doing the old table stalking in hopes of something opening up.  As we chatted (and told them we hoped to be seated soon) I was sad we didn't have any extra stools for them to join us, while I still invited them, they were happy to stand and stalk it out.
Just then, the lady whose jacket I picked up asked if we were waiting for a table and if so, we could have hers as they had access to the kitchen from her location in the bar.  I kindly said thank you, but that we should be seated at any moment.  She smiled thanked me again.  I then decided to share this kindness with the folks waiting for their table and they swooped it right up!  They thanked me profusely, the jacket lady thanked me again on her way out all the while the hostess (who turned out to be the manager) thanked me again for waiting, showed us to our table and comped another round of drinks.  So here I am, all smiles from ear to ear so excited for what I had just started.  A total chain reaction of kindness and so simple, I just took one moment to help someone else, It still gives me chills and makes me smile!

Do you enjoy helping others?  Love starting chain reactions? Tell us about it!

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  1. I love when stuff like this happens. Kindness is so important and it makes me sad when people do not display it. Attitude is a great first step! Glad you had a nice evening!

    1. I couldn't agree more! I am always surprised when people don't do the simple acts of common courtesy..breaks my heart. So let's keep up the great attitudes!

      Strive to thrive,


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