Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gotta See It To Believe It

Losing weight and kick starting a healthy lifestyle is not the easiest thing to do...and definitely not the easiest thing to make stick.  Life will often just get in the way and finding the time to get in a workout just doesn't happen.  For crazy people like me, not working out is when it can get real scary.  However for most, "normal" people, after working all day, running errands and taking care of personal business it feels like there is barely time to eat dinner let alone relax a bit before bedtime.

I have found that writing down what I do each day helps me meet the goals I set for working out.  I have found this trick to also be especially useful for my friends/clients.  Whether a blank paper calender, using an app like My Fitness Pal or writing them down on a whiteboard, seeing what you do (or don't do) each week can often be very enlightening.
Love me a blank calendar!
I have gotten a little creative as of late and started using one of the mirrored doors on my closet. I like it because it is huge, I can't miss it, I can reuse it, I can write a ton on it and it will haunt me if I don't keep it up.  Each day I write the date and what I did for the day.  I have been keeping it up for nearly two months now and have really enjoyed holding myself accountable.  It allows me to insure I get my strength training it and keep my cardio up and consistent (it is hard teaching so much since I the workout needs to be more for the clients then myself).

How is that for accountability!

So, if you set goals and want to see them met, you need to make sure you SEE them be met.  Make a plan, find a way to execute that plan and make a lifestyle!  Have any other great ideas to help track your fitness goals?

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