Friday, May 31, 2013

Dinner for (Moving) Scavengers

Moving makes me giddy with organizational energy. I tend to get even more OCD than normal (which if you know me is hard to believe).  With each day that passes the impending move gets closer; therefore, I need to get to work. As the sun sets each night I set a new goal for the next day.  Whether it's re-organize the closet, packing up cookware or simply taking things off the walls, it all must be done.  For me, the sooner the better...I do pride myself on being ahead of the game.

Each time we move I do the same crazy things...binge everything out of my life.  I have a real internal battle bringing things in when I want things to go out.  This sadly also applies to groceries.  With only two weeks to go before we move, I want everything out...I mean everything.   So, what to do?  Oh you know, start eating our way through the fridge, freezer and dreaded cabinets, duh..  I found myself feeling as though a challenge were staring me in the face.  Eat everything in the house and try to buy as little as possible (milk was ok since I needed it to get through that last box of cereal).  This meant it was time for dinner ideas for scavengers.

The grain group...what to do with you.  Well, we can whip up this instant rice and add some seasoning to have it go with the vegetables still left in the fridge.  Maybe throw some Mexican spice on that guy and make a good old bean-y, cheese-y, rice-y burrito, thank G I have tortillas still to eat too!  Hmmm, Arborio rice left over from a crock pot risotto.  I guess I'll just have to make that again...rather quickly as the crock pot is getting packed up soon! Lastly, my true love, organic quinoa.  That won't be a problem to woof down in any way, shape or form; I love it!  I make a ton at a time and eat it throughout the week.  My favorite go-to is a small pour of olive oil and some capers..oh yeah!

This canned sodium party is also an easy eat and quick dinner whip up.  Remember that bean-y, cheese-y, rice-y I mentioned above, well let's throw some corn-y in there and have a real veggie burrito party! Baked beans? Ha! A great side dish to the zucchini in the fridge and once it's BBQed, yummo! I also have some frozen broccoli that can be baked and seasoned which would be great paired with those protein packed beans.   That enchilada sauce could be challenging, but since I already have tortillas, why not whip up some cheese enchiladas for my TH (thriving husband) to take to work.  I do have a Costco size amount of shredded cheese that needs to go, so that works perfectly!  As far as that Amy's chili, that is an easy dinner for me on my next night alone.  This cabinet is almost empty! YES!

Next up, the soup section.  I will send that nasty Wal Mart Chicken Noodle soup to work with my TH as I bought it for him in a pinch when he was sick a few months ago. The Miso soup just needs some frozen broccoli and I'll have a delish, light and salty dinner done within seconds.  French Onion is usually saved for my recipes, but I may just eat it straight up..with cheese that is.  Heck, I have some whole grain loaf that needs to go, let's make that French Onion soup a dip!  I have the next two weeks of dinners out of the house and I didn't spend a dime...but what's for dessert?

Fine, fine,  forget everything I just said.  I will live on this cookie butter and nutella for the next two weeks...

Have you ever been a food scavenger either due to a move or becuase you just haven't been to the grocery store in awhile?  Share your random recipes with us!

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