Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thriving Baby: Halfway There!

Technically right now I'm 23 weeks, so more than halfway there, but you get the idea (also, I have a procrastination problem). I wasn't even sure I wanted to "check in" with you guys because I have a confession... my pregnancy has been super easy and I've just enjoyed every minute of it! I know it's annoying to listen to other people brag about how great something is for them, especially if it's not going well for you, so let me just start by apologizing profusely and giving you permission to stop reading right now.

Still in? Ok great!

Since everything has been going swimmingly (which is of course bound to change now that I'm saying all of this out loud), I don't even know how much I have to contribute to blog-land, except to tell you about all the things I've been loving.
  1. My body. I've NEVER liked the way my stomach looked, because frankly it's just never been very tight and supermodel-esque. But all of the sudden I have a shape that people think is normal and looks good! Plus, I have an excuse to rub my stomach all day long without looking/feeling like a really creepy chick who just had a large satisfying meal. As an added bonus, I think I look way cuter in maternity clothes than I ever did in normal ones!
  2. Baby kicks. I didn't feel any real kicks until two weeks ago, and I just couldn't wait for them! Since I can't get ultrasounds every day, I love the daily reminder that the little nugget is in there, growing and moving around. It's still mild and adorable at the moment, so again this will change, but it's been fun to place my hand (or TH's) where I feel the kicks and connect with baby. I swear the baby kicks EXTRA hard when TH has his hand there, which is so cute.
  3. Attention. I can't help but love the attention - I was basically raised as an only child (I have 2 incredible half sisters, but they didn't live with me much growing up and I got a ton of solo attention from my mom). Now that I'm really showing, I get giddy when people ask me when I'm due and how I'm feeling. I'm only TOO happy to tell them all about being pregnant. Shocking that a blogger would love attention and tend to over share personal details, right?
  4. Daydreaming. Imagining my new little family of 3.5 has been so fun, and at the same time so surreal. I catch myself wondering exactly what my little one will look like, how he/she will act and sound, and how I could possibly love anything more than I love TH and my furbabies. I also can't believe how easy it's been for me to imagine having MORE babies. I was never certain I'd want more than one, but this has been so great (again, let's see how I'm feeling 3 months from now) I almost can't wait to do it again!
  5. Planning. From the shower to the nursery to childcare to schooling to cute outfits.... I can't.stop.planning. It's so fun, and I've never had so many things to plan! It felt like I was always having to WAIT for something to happen first, and now I can just plan my little heart out, letting my imagination run wild. 

Again I apologize for the possibly barf inducing, saccharin sweet nature of my happy pregnancy post (those who know me well know that this is slightly out of character). Next up: A Thriving Baby Shower, hosted by the one and only hostess with the mostest, Emilia!

If you are now, or have ever been, pregnant I would love to hear the things you enjoyed up until the halfway point... and possibly any advice for the downhill slope!  

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