Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SoCal Lady Blogger Meetup: The South Coast Collection

The Thriving Wives belong to a local blogger community called SoCal Lady Bloggers - I think you can guess who else is in this group based on the name! Every so often we have meetups, which up until recently were a pretty far from us, so we were SUPER excited to see one scheduled right in our backyard at the South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa. Having lived in the area for the past 6 years, Nic had actually been to this location a few years prior, but it was kind of a sad little center with only a few boring furniture stores. Little did we know it has recently gone under a fantastic transformation as a unique and upscale center for shopping experiences and culinary adventures! SOCO arranged for a fun tour of the enter center, which includes 300,000 square feet of trendy showrooms, home furnishing stores, specialty boutiques, restaurants, and design studios - not to mention tons of events and a farmers market (click here to see a list of retailers)! The following pictures are just some highlights, we really need another full day trip to soak it all in!

Love this itin and Nic's pedi!
We knew we had made the right choice to attend when we spotted these reusable bags, fresh farmer's market fruit and bunt cakes!
Our first stop was Surfas for a look at the great cooking supplies and even an phenom interactive room for weekly cooking classes.  Featured now, BBQ master Chef Chris Rocke... meat lovers should DEFS check out!
Cooking class showroom, a must do date night for sure!
Surfas also has a great cafe to enjoy while taking in some light shopping, yum!
Next up, fresh Portola Coffee from the bar before entering the amazing world of Fixtures Living.
Free latte, cappuccino, americano... really anything while shopping? DONE and DONE!
Martini sink for the bar? Oh that is screaming Nic! Did we mention they have a variety of beers on tap to try while shopping too?!
Silverware chandelier? Such a great idea for a sassy dining room!
One of our favorite attractions: The shower head trying out area... we were VERY tempted to dive under and get a good Herbal Essence commercial going if you know what I mean....
Em took a load off in the hidden "sale" room
Nic was very ready to hop into that tub and pop that bubb... if she wasn't preggo of course!
Em had found her teal stove and hood... only $75,000? She had to ask her TH about that purchase.
TOTAL man cave-mania in the second cooking showroom of Fixtures Living.  They too feature cooking classes each week which use ingredients prepared form the farmer's market just steps away.
Lighting, color swatches and decor heaven inside the Design Within Reach showroom.
Next inside Deco Home, this chair was TOTES coming home with Em...
Wait, did I just travel to Zarin Fabrics in NYC... NOPE, all in Costa Mesa baby!
Em was love stricken with these prints....
Vintage chairs? Paints? Chalkboards? OH YES! Peinture was probably our favorite store so you know we will return!
Nic is a huge typography/graphics nerd so she flipped for this bathroom/wall decor inside the OC Mix!
Pressed juice from Birdie Bowl & Juicery in tiny little jars... Em may have accidentally taken a jar or two...
Tea teaching and tasting with Seventh Tea Bar ... yummo!

Overall, the day was not only SUPER fun, but totally informative and amazing.  We are thrilled to visit again soon and are sharing everything we learned with anyone who will listen!  This stop is a must see for everyone, trust. Thanks to the SCLB ladies for putting this together, and to our lovely guide Anais from SOCO for showing us around!

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