Monday, April 29, 2013

Make Your Mondays - April 29th

We hit the Orange County Antique Market hard and loved every second of it!   Nic was able to snag a heck of a deal on a vintage apron, while Em stocked up on more Pyrex, linens and tins galore! Other than that, Em was able to relax with a solo beach day and get caught up on some much needed organization! Nic's Mama came into town so she spent the weekend brunching and chatting, mostly about all things baby. Em also worked her organizational magic over at Nic's house in preparation for her big move coming up in a month (more on that later). We love that today's quote is super short and sweet!

There is one and only one thing you are in total and utter control of: your thoughts.  What do you choose to think? That everyone is out to get you? That you are always the victim?  That nothing will ever go your way? Wah, wah, wah.  I'm so sorry Eeyore, but woe does not have to be you.  So, while you may feel like you can't do anything, feel powerless and lost... you aren't.  You can take power of your thoughts, emotions and view of the world around you.  You can choose to see the people around you as good and send your focus to all the blessings  you have in your life.  Own those thoughts, take control of your choices and feel good about it along the way!

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