Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Your Mondays - April 22nd

Happy Earth Day!

Em had a family filled week in the Bay Area as she celebrated her Spring Break off school.  She got to spend much needed time with her Thriving Momma as well as snuggle her Geena after a tough knee replacement surgery (getting old sucks by the way). Better yet, she was able to host a Thriving garage sale of her own with her sister in law Nat.  Get excited for our upcoming post on how to host your own garage sale coming soon! Along with missing Em terribly, Nic spent the weekend starting on some Spring cleaning and meeting up with some friends for a sunny Sunday brunch. We are both ready to tackle the week ahead, and keeping today's quote in mind helps us to stay focused on what's important.

Well, what are you planning?  Are you seeing your future only full of joy and prosperity?  Are you appreciating your future and all you have done to create it the way you wanted?  Well do so!  Make your thoughts positive, your choices aligned with those thoughts and feel good about each moment of your life.  Don't worry or feel negatively, just enjoy the process of positive thinking (planning) and watching it all unfold just as it should. 

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