Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Your Mondays - April 15th

Well we had quite the cloudy weekend - but that didn't stop us from enjoying the weekend! Saturday the two of us spent most of the day touring a local Orange County shopping center called the South Coast Collection with the lovely women from SoCal Lady Bloggers. We had so much fun meeting everyone and visiting all the amazing stores - check back tomorrow for our post about that visit. Nic started her Sunday with a family hike around the Newport Back Bay (a favorite activity that's becoming more and more regular), followed by many errands including registering for baby gifts! Em kicked off her Spring Break with a total laziness before she heads home for a week of family time. 

What do you want?  Ok. Now stop.  Hold onto that, hold onto what only you want.  Nothing more than what you desire and the positive emotions that are released when you arrive at where you want to be.  Now envision how to make that want into a reality.  See yourself making things happen for yourself, imagine each step to make those things happen.  Lay the groundwork for that want to come true.  See yourself enjoying the process of getting to what you want and feeling good along the whole way.  Allow the Law of Attraction to do the work by putting it all out there and get excited for it to come right back.

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