Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garage Sale'n Goddess - Haggling in Huntington Beach

Knowing that I am super obsessed with all things old and worn, I was thrilled when a work friend C invited me to Huntington Beach to scour the neighborhoods around her house.  After becoming a "thriving follower" she realized that the signs she saw around each weekend were totally where I needed to be!  Needless to say, I JUMPED at the chance to check out a new 'hood and was pumped to have my very own tour guide!  Thanks C!

Couldn't have been more excited when we saw this complex garage sale extravaganza!  It made driving around way easier since we were able to park and walk around checking out each house.  We planned on riding bikes, but the beach blues were in full force and I was not willing to risk my freshly done hair to the frizz factory that the misty morning weather created.  That, and me being the experienced garage sale-er knew that I would be buying big and therefore needed a car to carry all my treasures... I proved to be correct!

Our first stop was a frame party and since I love frames and use them for pretty much anything, I had to snap some pics.  This guy just needed a fresh colored spray paint job and it was ready to hang on my wall for sure!

I saw this headboard and while it needed some work, it screamed "blank canvas" to me.  I wanted to sand it down, paint or stain it and make it perfect for a guest room. But alas, I have no space for such great crafts, I had to move on....

At our next stop I saw this super sassy sewing machine desk.  I loved the way the top flipped open for a  work space as the sewing machine was safely nestled inside.  If only I didn't already have a sewing machine... or if only I knew how to use one!

This life-size mirror was going for $60 and I was really impressed by the size and quality of this guy.  Clearly mirrors inspire me to pose a bit!

As we moved throughout the sale houses, we all were kind of taken aback by this absolutely vintastic (vintage + fantastic) trunk.  Original EVERYTHING and only for $100!  I pretty much forced my girl Ive to get the darn thing and was happy to throw out the suggestion of, "Would you take $75?"  I did in fact hold in a squeal when the kind woman smiled and replied, "Yes, I would".  SCORE ONE FOR TEAM TW!

While still feeling elation and a total shopping high, I raced next door from the trunk house to see this little cutie sitting curb side.  I wanted to add some knobs to that guy and sip whiskey with Don Draper.  She wanted a low $35 for it, and I was honestly entertaining the idea.  But then I had to realize that I would have to hide it in my Prius or fear my TH not letting me into the house!

So instead of even more furniture that I didn't have room for, I settled for this breakfast in bed tray, a mere $7 (I should have talked her down, but I was too chatty) that I was going to paint and pray my TH wanted to employ on the weekends... for me that is.  I also snagged this aqua blue dispenser for .50 as I was in need of something new for my dish soap.  All, in all, I was pretty pleased.   

The last house we visited was filled with KILLER hand made furniture.  It also helped that the man selling it was pretty much the nicest guy that ever was or will be.  Since I had picked up a $5 coffee table (I had wanted a new one for awhile) at our first stop, I already was taking up my share of C's trunk.  Add to that the amazing trunk we swooped up, we were nearly at capacity.  But, we had to take advantage of the goods this guy had or forever be filled with regret!

C snagged this gold leaf HUGE mirror for only $20.  It was worn and used to absolute perfection.  Well made, well taken care of and now well displayed in her HB home!

I. was eying this little rocking chair for her daughter and after a little hemming and hawing I pitched $10 at the man and he of course said "yes!" I JUST LOVED HIM!  He had redone the chair taking out screws and adding dowels so it was even better than it was more than forty years ago when it had belonged to his wife in her childhood!  Ive was so excited she could barely stand it!  A vintage trunk and rocking chair all in the last 20 minutes?! What a great morning!

He also had these hand made beds straight from Jamestown where his wife grew up... I mean again, if I had that damn four bedroom house I dream of there would have been no question of this coming home with me!

While this table was worn, it had character.  Both ends folded out and another set of legs rolled out from the center to support the outer leafs.  It was freaking awesome!  And of course, handmade!

I thought this little cabinet was just great.  The wood color, the worn touches.  Just add some knobs and you are GOOD TO GO!  But alas,  I had to pass.  I am surely ready for Nic to get into her new house so I can buy all this stuff and outfit her home... so soon! {NFN: Obviously I can't wait either - I am so lucky to have the best decorator there is!}

After one short hour with my friends, the car was full, our wallets were empty and our hearts were elated!  As we squeezed into the SUV with most seats folded down and furniture packed to the brim we raced home to unload and reassess our treasures!  Another garage sale'n success story and many more to come!

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