Friday, April 5, 2013

Fresh Flowers Make Me Smile

Ahhhhh, the smell, the color the way they light up a room... nothing beats fresh flowers.  Now, my TH is great at bringing them home for me when he knows he is in trouble, but I like them ALL the time, not just after an argument. So each week I set aside some of our budgeted money to lighten up our home and keep me smiling throughout each day.

Love this happy colorful bouquet
If I am unable to get to the Farmer's Market for fresh blooms, I always go to Costco.  I find that they have a great selection for a great price.  I even got ALL my white wedding roses from Costco... so I totally trust their green thumb!

My wedding flowers - (all time favorite) hydrangeas, with white roses and lavender
In case you couldn't tell, hydrangeas are my favorite!
Gorgeous flowers, fresh from the farmer's market
As soon as I bring my gorgeous stems home I grab mason jars, coffee mugs and old bottles to showcase my flowers all throughout the house.  I have them on the kitchen counter, coffee table, my "getting ready table", in the bathroom and hanging from my vintage coat rack! I LOVE them!

Recycled bottles, mint ribbon and a pop of color with fresh blooms!
Pretty in pink with a touch of mason jar!
Same bottles, same ribbon, different stems...
Gotta love these Costco picks!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE hydrangeas, honestly, obssessed
One stem in an recycled glass spice jar for my "getting ready table"
Coffee mug? Mason? How about both!

The flowers usually last at least a week, often times two.  They are easily the best money I spend all month!  What about you? Do you like fresh flowers to brighten your home and spirit?

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