Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to Basics: Lower Body Part Two, Lunges

Welcome to our newest Sweat mini-series, Back to Basics! We love to try out all the newest "fad" workouts like Cardio Barre, TRX, Crossfit, etc... but a great workout doesn't have to be complicated OR expensive. If you master these simple workouts and keep them in your back pocket, you can get a fantastic sweat no matter where you are or how empty your wallet is. Last week we mastered squats, and this week we're going to tackle lunges!

Let's get lunging!  Start with feet together and tummy tight (duh, always keep that thing tight).  Beginning with the right foot, take a nice big step forward and luuunnnge down into 90 degrees with that left and right leg.  Again, watch that those toes stay in front of the knees. Come up, bring feet together and then take that left leg forward.  Strive for 25 on each leg to complete one set.  You will be surely feeling it and if for some reason you're not... you may be doing them wrong.  But hopefully your legs are even more puddied out then before and you are feeling that burn. Lower body morph is soon on the way!

Next week we move up the body to one of the most commonly complained about areas - abs!

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