Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Parties in a Pinch - Game Day

Game Day Gathering?  At MY Thriving Home, later today? Hmmmm, I can handle that! Why no stress? Well, duh...  I am always prepped for Parties in a Pinch. With less than five hours to throw this shin-dig together, I oiled my Crock, chilled some beer and got to sprucing... up the house that is!

I fished out an old white sheet to use as a long "counter cloth".  I luckily had bought some football food at the store earlier in the week thinking it might just be the TH and myself, so at least I was ahead of the game there.  I thought about what serving dishes I needed and grabbed them from their selves.  To the cabinet I went and  got out my red plates, dug out some red paper napkins and even employed this gift from my Aunt L to my TH (who is a Raider's fan, but oh well).  Since I am a SF fan born and bred, this was a perfect addition to our buffet table and made it all the more festive.

Thanks for signing this Joe, you're such a doll!
With the mood getting set, the beer getting cold, I moved onto snacks, my favorite part of Sunday Football.  For me, that is always going to include some chemical powered nachos.  To the Crock Pot I went!

Cook nacho goodness cook!
Throwing in 12 ounces of Velveeta, two cans of chili beans and a heap of hot sauce I set it to high and just couldn't wait to pour that goodness onto either tortilla chips or Fritos (I like to provide my guests some variety in nacho making).

 I cut up some organic veggies and placed them on a serving dish with spicy hummus and jalapeno yogurt dip (my new fave).  I offered a variety of cheeses to go with crackers as well as some salami for my carnivorous guests.

Carrots, celery, cucumbers...oh my!

 Why stop with just two different cheese parties? Let's make it three and throw in this gorgeous sharp cheddar cheese ball... I did mention this was a processed food party right?

With my spread nacho bar ready to go, veggies and dips, cheese, meats and crackers ready to go, I was able to get some chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter brownies in the oven before my guests arrived.  All in all, I was making great time!

Not bad for just a couple hours!
With just minutes before my friends walked in the door, I whipped up some snack mix and placed some around the room.  Who doesn't love snack mix with their beer?

Sesame sticks and cashews... my favorite!

Being surrounded by friends, good food and football was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.  Thank goodness I am always ready and can handle any party in a pinch!

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