Monday, March 18, 2013

Make Your Mondays - March 18th

As Bob Marley would say, "sun is shining, weather is sweet"! We finally got a sunny weekend which was perfect timing after struggling to get out of bed in the dark all week. Nic continued the battle against her cold by sleeping a LOT, finally starting to feel better for Sunday but not really in time for any St. Patrick's Day festivities. Em made the trip up North to see her family and help her Thriving Mother throw a Spring-Giving (Thanksgiving in Spring) dinner for her new love.

I tend to be a very sentimental and nostalgic, so I often reflect upon all the relationships I've had throughout my life - romantic and platonic. Regardless of the current status of those relationships, what has transpired during them is something I cannot change so it is pointless to focus on any of the negative aspects. Most often, I have found that I learn quite a bit from every relationship I've had, even some of the shorter "minor" ones like a brief acquaintance, so I choose to focus on those lessons instead of any bad feelings. It's important not to dwell or have regret, because your relationships really are eternal (even in a memory), and feeling bad about them only guarantees an eternity of bad feeling.

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