Monday, March 11, 2013

Make Your Mondays - March 11th

Did you all remember to Spring forward on Saturday night? We hope it won't take too long to get adjusted, but are thrilled for this time of year because it means longer days! Well Nic had a very low key weekend, with a visit from her in laws and lots of rest due to the nasty cold she's been fighting off. Em continued the search for her new home with her TH and got in some beach time too!

Story of my life. I cannot stand problems, I don't dwell, I don't persevere; I acknowledge and go into solve mode. Focusing on the problem is not going to change anything. It isn't going to make the problem go away or get any easier to deal with, so you need to create some plans and give yourself options. Get rid of the problem mentality of "Why is this happening?" and move to solution mentality of "What can I do about this?".

I remember once when was younger, I was heading across country to see one of my best friends. My elation was shattered when I missed my flight and couldn't get out of CA for another six hours. So what did I do? Start sobbing of course. Within seconds my Poppa looked at me and with his rarely used stern voice said, "What on Earth is that crying going to solve? Get yourself together and let's make a new plan". I swear, it was like the voice of God resonated through his body and it all clicked. What was crying going to solve? Not a darn thing. So, I cleaned myself up, and gave myself options... hang out in the airport with my Poppa or fly out tomorrow; simple!

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