Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hostess with the Mostest: Parties in a Pinch

As with pretty much everything about me, I get it from my Momma.  That also applies to my love of having guests over.  Since I take some SERIOUS pride in my super clean, organized and cozy home, you can imagine how much I love to share it with others.

Since I have grown up with the queen of all Hostesses with the Mostestess (my dear sweet mother), I learned how to be prepared for everything, especially parties in a pinch.  To be ready for anything, you need to have your supply collection ready to go at a moment's notice.  Aside from all my glorious serving dishes that I accumulated through my wedding registry, I am always collecting at garage sales and flea markets. I am stocked and ready to serve an assortment of foods all the time.

My in house "goods"... don't worry there is more where this came from in storage!
Totally snagged this crystal bowl from grandma's!
I love lobsters, and my MIL knows it! Thanks G!
When serving food, you need to have the right flat ware.  Since I prefer a more mis-matched look, I often use all sorts of different things.  I have a deep love of anything with a "P" on it in honor of my last name, in addition to anything I may have found at my grandmother's or stolen from my mom's house.

That mini spoon collection is my deep dark secret... I sort of accidentally find them in my purse after leaving restaurants...

I have a collection of vintage linens that I use for my base, but I also have a great selection of linen napkins that I use to "fancy" up any apps party.  I am even lucky enough to have some handmade beauties from the very talented Busy Brunette.  I also have these amazing vintage spoons turned napkin holders from my MIL, which I LOVE!  If the gathering is a bit more informal, then I can just take out my wine crate of napkins and let guests choose their favorite.

This old wine crate I bought at a flea market is great for holding all my napkins and fits perfectly in my cabinet!
Aren't you obsessed with these napkin rings, again, MIL to the rescue, G is the best!
With serving supplies and linens out of the way, glassware is easy!  Since all my grand antique china and glassware is still in storage I just make do with what I currently have in rotation.  My stemless wine glasses are always a go to glass as well as a mason jar for larger drinks - heck, throw them in the freezer and have a new take on a beer glass!

Dollar Tree stemless glassware!

As long as you are well stocked for a party, you'll always be ready to have friends over in a pinch!

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