Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garage Sale'n Goddess - Sunday Fun

It was a cloudy, muggy Sunday but I had deals on the brain and therefore was ready to hit the garage sale circuit.  I strong armed my girl Nic into joining me and decided on a later start time of 8am in an effort to include her as best as possible.  That, and I too wanted to sleep in a bit.

The sun said hello for a tiny bit!
With the gorgeous clouds above us we drove around searching for signs and tearing across lanes as needed, there was no sale I didn't want to check out.  Follow we did and sales we did find!  As we hopped out of the car the rain drops started to fall, but that didn't deter us from checking out the goods.

I made my rounds and spotted an entire tray of silverware for only $5. I like to have backups, I love all things mismatched and if I didn't already have a second set that I found at a flea market I would have bought it!

Then I saw the file cabinet.  I love file cabinets and actually already own one which houses my TH's clothes.  The drawers are deep and large and serves perfectly as a man's dresser when living inside a closet.  You can always cover with wall paper or even shelf lining paper to give it a little pop and put it anywhere in your home.  My friend Shell found a great vintage one which now stores all her DVD's!  File cabinets are so no longer limited to just files. 

Then Nic and I spotted the bench.  Granted at first there was stuff all over it so it's greatness was a bit hidden.  But then, I just stayed near it and kept staring.  It was really awesome.  I asked Nic to snap a pic which she did...then I started to take the stuff off of it to get a better look.  I mean it was sturdy, made of wood, had storage ability, was low to the ground and was PERFECT for a variety of ideas.  In a mudroom (or hall), at the end of the bed (holding extra linens) in a nursery (used as a toy box)..I mean it was amazing.  I had to have it, if not for me, then for sure for Nic {NFN - I really did want it for myself, but didn't bring any cash - rookie mistake!}.  While the post-it said $40, I decided to offer out $20 with room to negotiate.  Needless to say I was THRILLED when he took my offer!  I was FREAKING OUT!

I screamed, jumped, hugged and then carried that big boy to my Prius.  Happy House Warming Nic!!! This was her first present of many from Aunty Em!

Can you tell I am SUPER excited about our purchase?!

With my adrenaline pumping and the day already as delightful with the steal of a deal, I dare say I was ready to call it quits.  I mean how could anything top this?  Well it couldn't.

With the sales far and few between (maybe because it was a Sunday, maybe due to the weather) we made only one more stop.  I found an awesome old Fischer Price toy that I had to have.  I love simple classic games that require children to think.  Since my kids will have limited toys and be encouraged to read and use their imaginations, this toy definitely made the cut.

I also found a great vintage pot/bucket of sorts.  I am still debating how I want to use this guy.  My mom has taken others like this and drilled holes in the bottom as a planter, so that is an idea.  All I know is it was $2 and it is awesome, so I bought it.

There were a few other items that were pretty cool, like the coffee carrier (similar to the whiskey carrier I bought for my TH) but nothing we really had to have.

Well, we did have to have this super creepy doll....NOT!

Another great garage sale trip behind us and we are looking forward to MANY more!

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  1. That bench got my adrenaline pumping too! WHAT A FIND!!! This post makes me have the flea/garage sale bug BAD. I know what I am doing this weekend. :)

    1. Hey!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I am pleased that you were feelin' that trunk as much we were. I too am hitting up the sale circuit again this weekend so stay tuned for another installment of Garage Sale'n Goddess and have fun this weekend!

      Strive to thrive,

  2. Nice!! You should shabby chic that baby up and stick it in the nursery!! Love love love! You two are so cute.

    xo, April

    1. April,

      I love where you head is at! I mean isn't that SO perfect for a bench/toy box in BK's room? That is where I want to see it for sure and since I bought it as a gift, I therefore feel my vote should count.

      Hope to see you soon!

      Strive to thrive,


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