Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to Basics: Lower Body Part One, Squats

Welcome to our newest Sweat mini-series, Back to Basics! We love to try out all the newest "fad" workouts like Cardio Barre, TRX, Crossfit, etc... but a great workout doesn't have to be complicated OR expensive. If you master these simple workouts and keep them in your back pocket, you can get a fantastic sweat no matter where you are or how empty your wallet is. 

I feel as women we are divided by trouble sections.  We are either on "Team Tummy" or "Team Derriere".  Well, I myself have always been battling my thighs and rear.  Everything is all fine and good until about the top six inches of my legs, then it all goes to crap.  I suffer from the dreaded "Fat Girl Rash" where my inner thighs rub creating quite a painful summer treat.  It doesn't make wearing those short summer skirts all that fun when I have that little cutie going on... nice right?

Well, all the research points to one not so fun direction to deal with that lower body problem... squats and lunges - hands down my least favorite activities.  But that is just a mindset I need to get over, so that is what I do multiple times a week - fall in love with squats and lunges.

Squats first. Let's get set up: put feet shoulder width apart, get that tummy tight, chest up and then lower down nice and slow.  Keep the weight back and ensure those knees are NOT in front of the toes. Get down to ninety degrees, hold and come back up to standing position.  When you reach that standing position really squeeze those glutes nice and tight. Keep that up another 24 times and tell me how you feel... should be burning, that's for sure.

Great job! Now that you've mastered the squat, we are halfway there to really slimming that booty down. Check back next week for Part Two: Lunges!

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