Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Getaway - Big Bear Lake

One of the things my TH and I do to work on our marriage, is plan little weekend getaways. I get restless way too easily, so this really helps to break things up. We try to plan one every 3 months or so, usually trying to go somewhere or do something a little different. Living in Southern California makes this pretty easy, as we have almost every kind of activity with a few hours' drive - beach, desert, forest, wine country, and snow.

We had wanted to spend NYE alone up in the mountains this past year, but didn't plan far ahead enough and all the cabins we wanted rent on VRBO booked up or became too pricey. Luckily, one of the cabin owners I had contacted, Skinny Marie's Cabin, offered to give us a discount on a future stay so we took her up on it and went up to Big Bear at the end of January. It just so happened to be perfect timing, as I found out I was pregnant the Tuesday before we left!

Our little 1 bedroom cabin!
One of the best parts about our getaway was we could take our dog, Sandy. Traveling with a dog can be cumbersome and expensive, but the owner of the cabin was so sweet to not only let us bring her but not charge an extra arm and leg! We were of course very careful to clean up after Sandy and make sure she stayed off all the furniture. It was her first trip to the snow and she just loved it! She would romp around, biting and eating the snow. It was hard to get her to feel comfy going potty out in it, but eventually she caved (after whining and making us stand in the freezing temps for hours). I do admit, I was nervous her little paws would freeze but since there were tons of other dogs wandering about without boots, TH told me to relax and I tried my best. Can't help but worry when you are a mother, right?

I'm not into snow sports, so we didn't do any snowboarding or skiing, but instead took a long walk around the frozen lake and snuggled up by the fire drinking cocoa and playing board games. We also sought out the highly recommended and cozy Grizzly Manor Cafe for breakfast, featuring the largest pancake I've ever seen - seriously it was bigger than my plate! I'm now regretting not snapping a photo when I had the chance.

TH & Sandy on our walk around Big Bear Lake!
Cozy night in - my favorite!
I of course had to take the opportunity to take some pics of all the fun snow and ice around our cabin...

I can't say no to the 12 year old inside me when it comes to icicles I can use as swords...
Crazy how the water froze like this!
Found this little cutie hiding amongst some snow on our table outside
Do you have any little getaways you like to take with your special someone?

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  1. I love Big Bear, but have not been up there in a while! Those are some cool pics of the snow scene. Sounds like you had a great time!

    1. I had never been up to Big Bear before - we usually go to Tahoe or Mammoth, but since it's so close it was a great little weekend getaway. Wasn't a wild time but it was fun, especially with Sandy getting to join us!

      Strive to Thrive,


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