Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Shopping @ QCumberz... Reunited and It Felt So Good

I was only away from Phoenix for one month and I was already nearly dying to get back to my favorite vintage store, QCumberz. Since my UN-biological sister KK finally had my gorgeous nephew, I had to get out to Arizona to hold, cuddle and kiss him to death asap.  Needless to say it was the best four days of my life thus far and made me even more excited to someday be a momma.

With Georgey all cozy in his stroller, KK and I set out for the two block walk to my favorite store.  Before we even entered the store, I had to hit up a pic with their super amaze green vintage truck on Instagram.  Once that was out of the way, I crossed the threshold into the most wonderful place in Arizona.  Immediately I was taken over with excitement and as usual, told KK I was out and she was in charge of her own son... I had to walk around free of the newborn.

When I spotted this old gumball machine, I fell right back into my childhood and had to fight back the urge to ask my mom for a quarter - or in this case a nickel.

As I moved around the rooms, I caught myself simply scanning and trying not to miss anything, but to be honest, this store is best observed in rounds;  I recommend at least three.  When I spotted these cheese graters on the wall, I had to stop!  The store had suggested that they be used for holding earrings which was a great idea.  I, of course, just wanted to hang these vintage graters in my kitchen for fun.

I went back to one of my favorite back rooms, the old door/window room, just to look around.  Knowing full well I couldn't take anything of that size home on the plane, but I still had to take a sneak peak.  As usual, I fell in love with about ten things, but had to walk away with this cutie being fresh in my mind all day!

I am always drawn to things I remember from my childhood and what I saw around my great grandma's house.  This little stepping stool angel was just out of her house!  Not to mention the MAJOR Pyrex party going on!!!  So many fresh designs, I almost passed out!

When this gorgeous aqua rocking chair crossed my line of sight I had to squeal, SUCH a great color and would look AMAZING on my future porch... can't you just see me drinking lemonade and fanning myself while using a southern drawl?!

This mint bar cart nearly stole the show, however, and I was reeallllyyy trying to figure out a way, any way, to get it home.  I LOVE mint and I LOVE rolling carts!

These super cool crates would be perfect mounted on any wall to use for storage.  Spray painted and used in a nursery above a changing table to hold necessary items maybe? Or in the kitchen for fresh fruit or linens perhaps? I mean, these were a such steal!

My obsession over lockers went a step further with these baby blues, and again I was planning my future son's room and using these guys for sure!

While I forced myself to leave empty handed, I didn't mind at all.  Just walking around this massive heaven and chatting with the owner was enough fun to hold me over for another month when I get to go out again!  Thank you QCumberz, it is always a TOTAL PLEASURE!!!

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