Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take on Tuesday (for this week) - February 19th

Welcome to a new Take On Tuesday as President's Day deserved it's own big moment! We both had yesterday off (the whole week for Em - lucky teachers!), but if you weren't that lucky (like Nic's husband) we sympathize and hope today's quote will shed some light on your week. Nic had a pretty exciting week/weekend - in case you missed it she announced her pregnancy Friday on Instagram, then flew to the Bay Area on Saturday to visit family. Em is spending some time with her un-biological sister in AZ and her new nephew Baby George Alexander IV!

Here, here!! How can you really arrive at happiness if the journey you took to get there was filled with negative feelings?  While it may be possible, it would probably also lead one to look back at getting to that happy place and being filled with regret about all the time that passed feeling bad.  When a big event is looming (wedding, birthday, holiday) or you want something desperately (home, children, engagement, promotion) you can't spend all the time on the way to those happy things being gloomy.  You have to trust that if you put it out there you will get it back, so enjoy the ride.  Every moment is worth living to the fullest, being thankful for what you have and excited looking towards your bright future!

{Having a clear and manageable plan is often the key to success for meeting goals, and keeping the gloom away during your journey to those goals. Our free Action Plan template is sure to help, download it here!}

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