Monday, February 11, 2013

Make Your Mondays - February 11th

We hope you are all excited for the most love-filled week of the year (we like to stretch birthdays and holidays out a bit)! Em filled her weekend with fitness knowledge that almost made her brain explode, but alas, she is more ready than ever to assist her future clients make necessary changes towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. Nic made a REALLY exciting purchase yesterday - her first brand new car! This was a long awaited (and necessary) purchase which makes it all the more exciting. Car buying and knowledge cramming are rarely intrinsically enjoyable experiences though, which is why today's quote is oh so fitting...

Decision making is not my strong suit.  I tend to be pretty finicky and go back and forth a lot of the time, especially with large, life changing decisions.  But, making a decision of what I want is easy.  I want happiness and I am the only one who can provide it.  No matter what is thrown my way (and trust me, I have had a few doozies in my short life), I choose to be happy.  I am not going to stay in a place of anger, resentment or filled with negativity.  I am going to focus my attention on happiness and feeling good - because then, suddenly, I'm there!  I hope to see you there soon too.

{Psst... how are those New Year goals going? If you need a little boost to get back on track, download our free printable Action Plan template here!}

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