Friday, February 8, 2013

Isn't Every Day Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is always a tricky one for me.  With all the pumped up romance, I dare ask the question... Isn't every day Valentine's Day when you're with the one you love?  I like to think so.   I know I try to make as many Valentine-like days as I can for my lucky TH. While I am not the biggest fan of the holiday, I won't EVER turn down  a beautiful card and a few presents... that just isn't me, but I still hate all the to-do about it all.

It feels like just yesterday I was that awkward single girl whose fondest memories of Valentine's Day were getting flowers delivered to school each year from....(wait for it) my mom.  Yes, it made me feel special and loved when they were brought into the classroom and everyone "oohhhhhed and ahhhheed".  Of course me being me,  I quickly  read the card, smiled and fully played along that maybe a boy did in fact like me. Ha!  I was never really fond of the holiday because aside from my immediate family (mom, Geena, Poppa, Bitta and Lyny) I had no Valentine to speak of.  When I finally had a real love interest to be my Valentine in 2004, I still didn't really love it all that much.  I mean could anyone really out do my mother's total devotion for the previous 18 years of my life? NO!

That all changed on the fateful February 12, 2009 when my TH (who was also my first real 2004 Valentine mind you) proposed.  Soon, the 14th no longer existed and the 12th was the only day in February that would ever really matter.  So, now what to do when everyday is Valentine's Day?  Just make it special in your own way.  For me, we hit the town for dinner and drinks (which we don't ever do as we are major homebodies).

With drinks at a new lounge planned out, dinner at a gorgeous steakhouse for my boo (you gotta treat with meat for your man sometimes!), now I had to think of something out of the ordinary to get this amazing man in my life..... hmmmm, I know, Groupon!

As usual, my trusty Groupon came through with some ideas for me.  I have always been a coupon book kind of girl (making them as a kid and now full blown crafting them as an adult) so I was really excited to find a deal that featured a coupon book I could customize for my TH.  I decided to make sure all the things he loved (and I might not be so crazy about) were featured.  Shooting range? Check.  Sand sports? Check.  Beer tasting? Check (I am crazy about that one though).  The book allowed me to add personal notes and choose things that I knew he would really love.

But aside from the fancy dinner, sassy lounge, creative coupon book, it is just another day with the one man I love more than anything else.  It is the things we do everyday that make me love him more and make each day feel like Valentine's Day..  Heck, him unloading the dishwasher without me leaving it on the "honey do" list is the best present ever!  

What do you do to make Valentine's Day special when everyday feels like Valentine's Day?

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  1. Ohh, I love your coupon book!:-) I actually did a little Grouponing myself this year...I found a great deal for vineyard hopping and wine and chocolate tasting tour that I'm going to surprise my boo with!

    Wishing you guys a very happy anniversary!

    1. Jess,

      I am so jealous of your amazing Groupon! I would love nothing more than a little vineyard hop around with some chocolate, HOW FUN!! Enjoy and have a very happy heart day!

      Strive to thrive,


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