Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Start YOUR Juicing Journey

Since taking my own juicing journey as well as sharing my experience with our readers I have gotten so many questions on how/where to start.  Everyone is curious about my juicer, how to juice, when to juice, recipes and how much it will cost them.  Well, with so many questions I decided to make a how to guide for those of you interested in taking on a journey of your own.  Here are my recommendations, feel free to use them (or not) to help you get started.
  • Get informed.  While I have talked about juicing and how I found out about this entire lifestyle, I suggest you do the same.  Make sure it is something you really believe in and think you can/want to do.  Start with some research of your own, (and of course consult with a doctor if you have any per-existing health conditions or are cleansing solely to lose weight) and plan an evening to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You can also catch up with our entire Juicing Journey series by clicking through our posts under the label "juicing", to see how I got through my first cleanse day by day.
  • Try it out.  Juice is not for everyone.  So before diving in and purchasing all the supplies and making the commitment, try it out for a few days.  Spend the money you would use towards a quality juicer on a few drinks.  If you are trying to supplement juice for a meal or two, see about how many ounces you need to survive and how you feel.  This may be tricky since you really need to listen to your body and not your cravings.  It is important when going to a juice bar to ensure that they are using organic produce, otherwise you may as well go drink a bottle of pesticide. I like Whole Foods as they have all organic produce and a ton of specialty drinks.  Like what you are drinking? Then it is time to...
  • Buy a juicer.  This is where you are going to have some options and need to prepare to make a significant investment.  I knew I was going to change my lifestyle to include juice, so I went with the best for me and my family; The Breville Juice Fountain Elite.  While it was pricey, it has already paid for itself 1,000 times over as I use it almost every day. I would suggest not skimping here if you are serious about juicing, otherwise you will just want to upgrade later. Pay attention to warranties as that will usually be a good indication of the quality of the juicer (hint: 90 days isn't long enough. Breville's have a 1 year warranty). 
  • Get prepared.  I use mason jars for my daily drink as they are 32oz, re-usable and super cute.  I have saved mine from bottles purchased in the past, but they are always cheapest when bought at hardware stores.  I like ACE Hardware as you can get a pack of 12 for $13.99 which turns out to be a little more than a dollar each.  You can go in on a pack with a friend and have jars to last you forever!  Also, if you are like me and prefer to drink through a straw, invest in stainless steel straws from Amazon. They are more "green" in that you can re-use them and Amazon also sells a cleaning brush to make sure you get out all the grime delicious green juice can leave behind.
  • Purchase your bounty.  Check out your local farmers market to buy the freshest in-season goods and hit up Costco for as much as you can.  I haven't found a store yet that didn't have the large bag of organic Bunny Luv carrots.  Costco also has great prices on seasonal organic fruit (apples are a great go-to in the winter) as well as spinach.  I try to by as much at Costco as possible as it will last a bit longer and save me from going to the store each evening.  Pineapple and oranges are always good buys since they do not have to be organic due to their tough skin.  All greens and soft skin fruit (like apples) should be organic, again, you don't want to drink pesticide.  
  • Start trying out juice!  I like my concoctions to be 1/2 - 3/4s greens/carrots.  I try to always use spinach as it is high in protein mixed with the leafiest greens I can find.  My daily picks are kale (green or purple will do), collard greens and swiss chard. You will see once you juice two or even three heads of these guys, you don't get much.  But don't worry, that few ounces is PACKED with nutrients.  I add carrots to the greens and pour into my jar to see where I am.  If I've hit my mark, I get working on the fruit which sweetens the juice right up.  I love apples, pineapple and oranges.  Lemons and limes are good, but very flavorful so be advised when using them to freshen up your blend.  Other than that, the juice is yours to play with and see what you like best!
  • Get drinking.  If you are like me and prefer to juice the night before, great.  But don't think you can juice for days in advance.  Juice only stays at 100-90% for 24-48 hours.  Any longer than that and it loses almost ALL of its nutrients.  So, don't wait too long or think you can save yourself time by juicing for the week, it just won't work.  You gotta do it each night and just get used to it.  Yes, it is time consuming and yes, you need to clean your juicer IMMEDIATELY after using it, but practice makes perfect!  Soon you will have a method down and you too will be a pro! 
I hope you are ready to join the "juicing community" and make a lifestyle change you surely won't regret!  Please ask any questions you may have as I am happy to share my findings with anyone who is in need of some advice!

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  1. FRESH juice contains more available nutrients and enzymes than chewed raw food. You can’t get the same benefits from cooked or steamed vegetables, not to mention the canned or frozen products. It’s just not the same.

    Thanks for the interesting article. I'm sure it will help people! Best wishes.

    1. Phil,

      Thank you again for stopping by! It really isn't the same is it? I am so glad to hear you too are on board!

      Have a great week!

      Strive to thrive,

  2. Amazing post about juicing. Your post is really amazing. I am love your post. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.


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