Thursday, February 21, 2013

Farmers vs. Super... Market that is

I go to the market a lot, I dare say three to five times a week.  With all the fresh greens needed for juicing as well as my passion for healthy eating, a lot of shopping is required to keep things fresh.  To make matters worse (well, time consuming) I usually can't go to just one store, but rather two or three.  I go to Costco for carrots and any bulk organic fruit, Ralph's for my organic greens (if there isn't spinach at Costco that is) and Trader Joe's for pretty much everything else.  You can imagine how unexcited I am to make all those stops after a long day at work and my gym session.

Needless to say, I am THRILLED when the Farmer's Market comes around each Saturday morning and allows me to stock up on some SERIOUS produce for a great price.  I always shop organic and love going local.  Any time I can support local producers I am in.  The FM for me is really a one stop shop for all I need for the week.  Granted, I need to re-up my fresh green juicing supplies a couple times during the week, but other than that I am really set.

I always stock my reusable bags with potatoes, onions and all veggies that are in season.  I make sure to get a variety of vibrantly colored goods to use throughout the week.  Cucumbers for salads (and my eye lids on occasion), asparagus for sides, pastas and pizza toppings, purple carrots and yams to bake with olive oil and rosemary, squash to roast in the oven with fresh garlic... I mean I could really go on all day.

Not only do I capitalize on great, fresh, local, in season produce, but also an assortment of other tasty treats.  Need bread? You got it! Baked fresh and delivered that morning there are tons to choose from.  My go-to is honey wheat for sandwich making as well as garlic or jalapeno cheese bread for a side to my delicious dinners.

Fresh flowers? Oh yeah, I defs get those here too.  I love the friendly man selling the flowers and I look forward to our little chat in Spanish each weekend, he is a real gem.  Feeling frisky and want to get some eggs or free range, grass fed beef?  Ok, if you absolutely have to, this is the place to do it.  Want some lavender and honey goat cheese? You got it!

One highlight of my weekly trips is the Baba Foods Booth.  Not only are the men working there SUPER friendly and chatty, but the samples are a flowin'.  With fresh baked pita bread at the ready and an entire line of heavenly hummus' to try, I always spend a fair share of time here.  For the low price of $10 you get three different products and often times, if you want to add on some other yummies (pita chips, bread or baba ganoush) they give you a phenom deal.  I just love it!

Not only does the FM provide a wonderful bounty for my home, it is also a great way to spend my morning.  After my Saturday morning workout, I head straight over, load up and feel so accomplished!  I spend the rest of the weekend planning what nutritious and delicious meals to have that week. I just LOVE IT!

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