Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vintage Quilts, Cases and Cloths

I LOVE me some vintage linens, I mean LOVE!  I have a creepy obsession with quilts and pillow cases and therefore have started myself a little collection.

Let's start with the quilts.  Some I found at flea markets, while one was handmade and passed down to me.  Every once in awhile, if I am in Marshall's or something I may find a quilt on clearance and purchase it, but those wouldn't fall into the "vintage" category, however they still look great on my bed!  I usually use two, one laid out and one folded at the bottom.  I like them mismatched to provide a little contrast and hodge-podging (whatever than may mean).  I cycle through this mini quilt party every few months or so as I  tend to get really bored with colors and styles and always feel refreshed when I swap them out.  Good to keep my eyes guessing!

Quilt collection in the making
Picked up this little hydrangea (my fave)/rose cutie at a flea market for $15!!
Then onto my true passion: pillowcases.  I have "lifted" a few from my great-grandmother and grandmother's home (with light permission of course) and stashed them away for future use.  Anytime I see old patterns at a garage sale, flea market or rummage sale I swoop those riiight up.  The are usually very cheap and I am happy to pay the small price to add to my growing collection.  One day I plan to use them in my future nurseries and add an old feel to a new baby's room. I LOVE that aged look and it brings me back to decades past, which is where I think I was supposed to be born.  Even my MIL jumped in the game and found some new ones on Etsy for me. She bought them for me this Christmas so I have even more in my collection!  Thanks MIL G!

One of my favorite great-grandma steals, I just love the colors and dainty pattern
Adore this brightly colored flower pattern, those greens and blues are just speaking to me!  If only I had enough of that fabric to fashion a dress...
And then there is this teal/pink stunner, probably one of my all time favorites.  Don't miss another great love, "greeny" back there with the orange butterflies.  My mom has the entire bed set!  Of course the blanket is for snuggling only and still lives at her house.

Pink pillow cases from the MIL, white rose sheet from great-grandma's
I mean just look at that contrast, SO perfect!
Love this oceanic/sunset-y case, very Endless Summer
 The last "cloth love" I have is for vintage table cloths.  I found this gorgeous white and lavender stitched beauty at a flea market and paid the low price of $10.  It fitted perfectly on my dining room table and transformed the entire room.  I look forward to finding more and building my reserve, ready to continue my title has hostess with the most (vintage table cloths)-est!

Needs a little ironing, but other than that, I'm in LOVE

Can you spy that hand-stitched detail?
Do you have any vintage cloths you collect for fun?

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  1. I have a quilt that my nana made for me as a child and I just love it. I also have a few cute vintage pillow cases I have found at thrift stores. Love yours!

    1. Mindi,

      The just don't make things like they used to. Even more of a reason to keep a hold of the "good ole'" stuff while we have it and try to stock pile from thrift stores!

      Strive to thrive,

  2. lovely post - great pictures and the fabric is a pop of spring. Inspiring me to make something, although I wouldnt know where to start!

    Laura x

    1. Laura,

      Thank you! I didn't even think about how "spring-y" my collection I love it even more!

      Strive to thrive,


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