Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recipe Rave Review: Crock Pot Momma #3, Vegetable Soup

With winter comes cold weather, and what is better for the cold weather than a toasty warm house and a warm meal? Nothin'!  Since my TH has a real love of soup, I thought I would get back to my crock pot lovin' ways and get cookin'.  So, I went to my trusty Vegan Slow Cooker (thank you Kathy Hester!) cookbook and checked out the soup selections.  Since I am prepping for my annual "reboot" as it is often referred to in the juicing community, I wanted to make sure to make something protein packed with lots of veggies.  I decided on veggie soup.  It was a VERY simply recipe to which I could add pretty much anything.  So, I went to the kitchen to see what I had and got prepping.

The recipe called for:
6 cups of mixed veggies
2 cloves of minced garlic
5 cups of water
2 tablespoons of vegan chicken-flavored bouillon (I decided to use vegetarian as it was on hand)
Your favorite herbs and spices
Salt and pepper to taste
2 to 4 cups of precooked grains or pasta

Since I had everything I was very happy to not have to go to the store.  I love a recipe that I already have on hand... love.  To get together my 6 cups of veggies I decided to use sweet potato, cauliflower, carrot, asparagus, some onion, mushroom and zucchini (I had already sauteed it the night before) and quinoa. Since the slow cooking veggies had to go in first,  I peeled and cut up one sweet potato and 5 carrots, a small head of organic cauliflower and threw that in the slow cooker with all the other non-vegetable/grain ingredients to cook on low.  I couldn't think of any "favorite herbs and spices" I thought would be good, so I just stuck with salt, pepper and some seasoning salt for fun.  I felt pretty boring, but nothing was coming to mind so I just stayed basic.  I hit start and went out to do some house hunting for the day.

A mere six hours later I returned to a deliciously smelling home, ahhhh, the goodness of crock pot cooking - it is the ultimate home warmer!  I stirred the soup and was liking what I was seeing.  The veggies were making significant progress and I prepped the other ingredients to throw in when I hit the 7 hour 30 minute mark.  When it was time, I tossed in the asparagus, sauteed onion, zucchini and mushroom as well as the quinoa I had already made a couple days before.  I let that get good and cooked in, whipped up a salad and helped my TH set the table.

Soon, I knew it was time for the great soup reveal.  I was thrilled at how veggie loaded it was and loved the protein packed punch that the quinoa added.  This was the PERFECT soup to have on hand through my 21-day Quantum Cleanse and I loved it!  The TH gave it the thumbs up, but I could tell he had some comments.  His notes: Make the veggies more bite size (easily fixable with cooking scissors) and you guessed it..... add meat (barf).  All in all, this is a perfect, quick and easy veggie soup for a winter night.  Another Crock Pot Momma success, whoo hoo!

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