Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Gym, New Advice: Take it or Leave it

Since we recently moved, I was faced with the dreaded challenge of finding a gym I liked enough to join. Since Orange County is a mecca of workout facilities, I decided to go to the local LA Fitness by my house because it had almost no juice heads and was next to a Trader Joe's (huge plus). I mean, for only $29.99 a month, I was happy to part with the cash just to have somewhere to go after work; I was getting VERY bored of running my 3.5 mile loop each day. I was yearning for some indoor cycling classes and a cardio circuit using different equipment.
As I am sure you know, when you join a new gym, you get a session with a trainer. While I usually decline this offer, as I am working towards being a trainer myself and don't feel like wasting anyone's time, I got sucked in when they mentioned body fat percentage... I really wanted to know my number! After rescheduling once, I finally went in to wait it out for my one minute test. The trainer was a nice enough guy and we exchanged common knowledge and chatted about our passion for heath and fitness. Since he was obvi super cut, I mentioned I was interested in getting more toned and was curious as to what he suggested.

He shared a theory that I was very familiar with: strength training is the key to toning, and that I was overdoing the cardio. He explained that while cardio may slim you down in the long run, if I was looking to tone up, I needed to quit the cardio and focus on some serious weight training. Building muscle with free weights (or machines if you prefer) will keep your body torching calories by turning that jiggly wiggly into firm and solid. I listened intently, ready to make the change, but already feeling like a cheater at the thought of turning away from my love of cardio.

He said to give it a month and check back in; he was sure I would see a difference. Fine, fine, I'll try it. I am not happy about it, but I'll give it a try. I asked what I should do for my stress relief since I neeeeeded cardio. He suggested just cutting it down a bit intensity wise; hhmmm, okkkay, I guess I could try that. He then switched gears on me and also mentioned I needed to further tighten my diet. Apparently being a soft core, juicing, vegan wasn't enough. Then, he hit me in my weak spot (duhn, duhn, duhn); sugar. He had the nerve to tell me that if I wanted to see real results, I would need to cut down on my sugar intake. That translated to no more sweets, not even a single dark chocolate square at night!

Say goodbye to all this???
Everything went into slow motion for a minute: him talking, me listening and hearing him say to lower my cardio and cut down on sugar, then appeared a reflection of myself strong, healthy and cofident... I thanked him for his time, hit the treadmill for thirty minutes, then grabbed a Mocha Freeze at Costco... I think I'll stick with what works... for me. Life is too short, I mean less sugar?! Is he HIGH?!

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