Monday, January 28, 2013

Make Your Mondays - January 28th

Wow where did the first month of 2013 go? Well this past weekend was another great one... Nic went up to Los Angeles to visit two of her besties and visit the Hammer Museum during LA's free museum weekend. Em had another one of her favorite weekends filled with nothingness, PLUS a super fun house hunt with her TH! We hope today's quote will help inspire your last week of January.

This is something I work on everyday. I often will catch myself focusing on all the things about my TH that he doesn't have/do. But where does that get me? Feeling mad and resentful towards him about all the things that he isn't? No thank you. I quickly remind myself to focus on all the things he IS, I am soon overtaken with happiness and amazement at how lucky I am.  Once I start to remind myself of all the greatness in my life I immediately feel better. I start to see my TH in a rose colored light and just want to run across the room, give him a hug and thank him for being amazing. Job isn't perfect? Find the goodness in even having a job in this economy. Not a fan of where you live? Be thankful you have a home and think of new ways to reorganize/design your home to refresh your outlook. If you aren't happy, by golly make some changes to be happy. Your state of mind is all within your control, so feel good and strive to see the strengths in others and the world around you.

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  1. I love this. My yoga teacher yesterday kept coming back to the lesson of "Ask yourself, do you need this? Ask yourself, do you want this?" And she applied it both to the yoga poses and to life at general. Do you need to get into pigeon? Do you want to achieve a back bend?

    So much of what we do in life we do because we feel obligated. But beating the drum to the beat that you love, and then walking (or dancing) along to that beat is the best way to approach life. It's similar to asking yourself what you need. As if that drum is the sound of what you need and want.

    Thanks for posting this today. Pinning it now. ;)

    1. Anna,

      That yoga teacher sounds like my kind of lady! I am so glad you too can see the importance of making the most out of life simply becuase you have the ability to do so. Beat that drum girl, beat it!

      Strive to thrive,


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