Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Your Mondays - January 21st

Happy MLK Day! Both of us are fortunate to have today off in celebration of that great man, which is the best little treat to a lovely weekend. Nic's in-laws came to visit after her MIL and SIL ran a 5K Saturday morning, while Em caught up on some work and got some chill time with her TH. Yesterday was even better as we spent it doing one of our favorite activities - visiting the Long Beach Antique Market! Stay tuned for another installment of Flea Market Finds.

"Make good choices" was a frequent phrase in my childhood.  My Mommy O (my BF since kindergarden's mom) had pretty much instilled this into my brain. However, how can I be expected to make good choices when I was never allowed to?  My mom is HANDS DOWN THE MOST AMAZING WOMAN ON EARTH, let's get that straight as an arrow right now.  But, we both know she was a tad bit protective of me as I was her one and only heir and her baby girl.  Now, don't think I was ever dependent per se, nor was she resentful of me, but I would have liked her to trust me a bit more.  In high school I would have loved to have been honest with her so I could have learned, not have lied about everything (always getting caught mind you) to get to experience what others were doing.  While I am not a parent yet, I do work with children each day and always encourage them to test out life so they can learn from it.  Life is the best teacher one can have.

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