Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Juicing Journey: Day 7

Welcome to the Juicing Journey! If you are just tuning in, please make sure you check out the series introduction, JJ Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and our other juicing posts here and here, so you won't miss a juicy detail!

This Sunday started with me up and ready to go at 7:30am; looking forward to a long walk with TH, juice from the Mexican juice bar and a few errands before football started. I was thrilled to have a whole meal off from juicing and was excited to try this juice bar we had checked out the week before. Sadly, when the zombie that is my husband entered the house, I knew the morning had to be called off. Staying up all night working does not a walking buddy make; so I hit the kitchen and juiced him some breakfast before he dropped dead from exhaustion.

It is not the juicing takes too long or anything, but it is a process. Granted, much of the time consumption can be attributed to my OCD, but still, it takes time. I have a set up I use to make things go a little smoother: Bath towel folded in half under the juicer and cutting board, right near the sink. This helps to soak up the mess I make as well as get my station set. The only thing I cut is the apples (quarters) and then it is really used as a transfer station from the colander to juicer after the fruits and veggies are washed.

Using 1 bundle of kale, 2 beets, 5 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 8 oranges (I PEELED THESE... uurrrgggg), 6 celery and 6 apples. While my dear sweet husband drifted to dreamland for recovery, I made a pink set of drinks. As I mentioned before, celery has a bit more flavor than expected, but it's not too horrible (like the leeks), so I used it and drank it. 5 jars later, and as always, our small "to go" apple juice cups, we were set for the day.

While TH rested, I set off for the gym to kill myself for an hour and a half. Then I had to hit the grocery store for more veggies to make it through the next couple days. I decided to stick with the fruits that we had instead of going back out to the fruit stand. While it wasn't much of a variety, (just apples and oranges), I was determined to use it.

Sweaty and worn out, I went to the market and made it out $11 poorer, but with: 2 bundles of kale, 2 collard greens (a personal favorite of mine, so green and they remind me of palm tree leaves), 15 carrots, 1 head of green lettuce and one of red. The rest of the day TH relaxed on the couch watching football and sipping juice while I futzed around. We were still feeling good, but really looking forward to Thursday. As great as this whole experience has been, I noticed both TH and I were more and more over it with each day. Maybe 10 days is too long if you are not Fat, Sick or Nearly Dead.

TH had a jar left for the next morning and so again I took the chance to put off juicing until the morning. So desperate for a cashew or carrot and hummus, I ran to the bedroom on a tummy full of juice. Off to bed to dream of quinoa and wheat bread...

The end is in sight! Come back to see how the home stretch went...

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  1. Awesome. I just started juicing a couple of weeks ago and am posting some of it on my blog too :)

    I agree, celery does have a bit more taste than expected, but with oranges it's really good I find. I also like to add ginger root(I love ginger!!)

    1. Stephanie,

      Good for you! Juicing is such a great thing to do for your body mind and sprit, so welcome to the community!

      I know a lot of people who really like ginger in their juice and it is great for your health, but I just hate it... so much. Oh well, keep up the juicing and thanks for stopping by!

      Strive to thrive,


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