Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Juicing Journey: Day 5

Welcome to the Juicing Journey! If you are just tuning in, please make sure you check out the series introductionJJ Day 123, 4, and our other juicing posts here and here, so you won't miss a juicy detail! 

After today we are HALFWAY!!! It has gone by so fast... kinda hoping the next 5 days go just as quickly! So, my TH and I now embark on the second half of our journey and the scariest part for me is the upcoming weekend....

I always try to commit to my 5am spin class on Mondays and Fridays - I like to start and end my week feeling good. You may or may not know this about me, but that also means conquering the sleeping beast that DOES NOT DO mornings. Well, on those two days, I take that beast's challenge and usually win!! However, like each Monday and Friday, we had entered into battle.... The alarm went off at 4:30 and I shut it off, I was tooooooooo tired. I mean, didn't I owe it to myself to get two extra hours of sleep? I haaaaad been juicing for the past 4 days. Geeeez, I had done sooooo much this week, especially last night with class. PLUS, all I had all week was juice for goodness sake. Then, the wave of self-loathing and guilt began to build and crash across my brain..."Get your lazy butt out of bed! Tomorrow is Saturday! You disgust me you really do, with all your excuses. Just be ready to hate yourself later today, if you think for one second that this sleepiness won't pass when you are spinning your heart out to that heart-thumping beat you are WRONG! GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And so, I did.

I was right! Feeling refreshed, sweaty and ready for the day, I swigged a 1/4 of a jar and got ready for school. Since I wasn't pressured by my TH to take a taste test the night before, this was my first sample of the latest juice. Well, I never knew how much flavor celery had. I only had ever enjoyed the veggie with peanut butter or ranch. But, the juice definitely was a bit heavy on the celery flavor. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't know if I will use it again. Other than that, with each super sip through my straw (I prefer to pound the juice) my belly felt full and I felt like I just re-charged my body. I imagined the veggie juice traveling through my body like a beautiful green ribbon dancer spreading it's nutrients everywhere they needed to go... loved it! My TH and I both made it through the day and I raced home after school excited for the start of my three day weekend.

When I got home, I was surprised to see that my TH had only drank ONE jar all day. He said he had been busy and had actually gotten a lot done that day. I therefore chose to deduce that meant he was feeling great and had a ton of energy off a small amount of juice, victory!! Not to mention, I could barely recognize this slim man standing before me... had he bought bigger clothes to fool me?

The evenings always being the hardest, proved to be tough yet again. We really miss eating - not eating junk or high fat foods, but just plain old eating. I wouldn't have minded a handful of cashews or at least a SLICE of pineapple, but alas, we set a goal, and by golly we are sticking to it! My TH made the unwise decision for us to watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network, which was easily the dumbest thing we could have done. All these yummy foods going across the screen were making us crazy. We shut it off, ran to the fridge and had a juice drink off instead.

Since my TH had to work the next day, I took the night off prepping juices. He only made it through two more jars, so he decided to use the extra jar for breakfast. I decided to take my water, juice jar and little dog and spend some time on the couch.... juicing could wait until tomorrow.

Only halfway, come back next week to read more!

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  1. I have read through day 5. Am so inspired. Are you normally a coffee drinker? I'm trying to imagine what no coffee would be like. Why SO many days with just juice? Do you keep the juice refrigerated through out the whole day? Was this for health reasons only, or were you also trying to lose weight?

    1. Well hello!

      I am so happy you are feeling inspired from my journey, that is wonderful! As far as coffee, it is just a "treat" for me so it wasn't hard to go without. But if you are feeling like you need coffee to get through the day, that that is usually a sign that you are a caffeine addict. No shame in that, but something to think about. I did so many days with JUST juice to challenge myself and "reboot" my system to ultimate health. I did keep the juice refrigerated throughout the day (if I wasn't near a fridge I kept cooler packs in my lunch box) so it was nice and chilled when I drank it. Lastly, juicing for me was not at all about losing weight, but all about purging my body of toxins and again "rebooting". I hope you give it a try!

      Strive to thrive,


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