Thursday, January 24, 2013

Garage Sale'n Goddess - II

I love an early morning garage sale party, so I was thrilled when my friend Kell was interested in joining me this time around.  Since I have yet to explore all the areas in Orange County, I decided to stay close to home and check out what the local neighborhood had to offer.  Sadly, the rain decided to join us as well, so I had a feeling there would be significantly less sales than if it were a bright sun shiny morning.

Love these hand made coffee cozies, thanks Shell!
Before we scoped out the goods we needed to get a treat; off to 7-11 we went.  With my hand made coffee cozies in tow, we picked up two 1/4 hot cocoa, 3/4 decaf coffee's (KTO specials we call them) and were feeling goooood!  That cozie was the best green gift I could have gotten and I was thrilled to share one with Kell.  A HUGE thank you to the very talented and amazing Shell for whipping those up... check out her amazing Etsy Shop, The Busy Brunette!

We hit Craig's List one last time to get the latest updates of where to go and mapped out a route.  With an outline of where we wanted to go, I alerted Kell she needed to be on neon sign lookout and be ready to shout "TURN" at any second.  I drove slow and steady with one dollar bills bursting from my Vera ready to buy, buy, buy!

Our first stop was a block sale, promising to feature up to ten homes participating in the sale.  Well, that seemed to have dwindled a bit with the sprinkles and we only found two.  As we started our drive by I spotted a few items and knew I needed a closer look.  We hopped out and I spotted the greatest window mirror. It had a ledge (for fresh flowers, candles or pictures) and all the mounting gear already on the back.  I knew it had to be mine.  The kind woman selling offered $15, I threw out $10 and we met in the middle with $12; STEAL!!!  Off to a good start... now on to the next.

Yeah window mirror with ledge, yeah!
As we continued down to the non-ten houses involved, we finally found a few and decided to park and walk. Another good  was soon spotted, a shelf with two birdhouses on either end.  Added bonus was under the shelf came hooks. I loved the way the wood was old and worn looking and I loved the birdhouses.  I decided to ask her price, $50.  Yikes! That was a little high, I offered $35 (always shoot low to haggle up) and she shot me down staying at $50.  Sometimes, you just have to walk away... so I did.

Sad loss, I think my Thriving Mother would have enjoyed that little cutie
We moved on and only saw baby clothes... nope, not for me.  So, back in the car we got and on to our next find.  Soon, we stumbled upon a neon sign and followed it all the way to a new sale.  There were Christmas decorations a plenty, but not much else.  But, as we were about to leave we spotted a tiny little step stool.  I loved it!  While it needed some work, I was willing to throw some paint on that little guy and use it as decor in my house.  There are many things a little stool can do beside just stepping on it! I mean it could add some dimensions to my kitchen counters for sure!  I decided to take it home for $2 and craft it up later.

I'm thinking tea or mint legs and some chalboard paint for the top, I may want to write something later...
I also spotted an old surfboard which I thought would be amazing to put our last name on and mount somewhere in the house... well, my future house.  Since I have always been a beach lover, I thought this would be perfect for our future Orange County home.  If not donned with my last name, maybe in a nursery down the road?  Fashion a bar for the backyard? I mean, I could really come up with tons of ideas.  But alas, since we don't yet have that home quite yet, I decided to leave the surfboard for someone else to swoop up.

Could have been rad... I need a HOUSE!
While we drove around a bit longer, we didn't see anything that called to us to stop the car.  So, I took my few goods, finished my morning treat and looked forward to finding places for my new purchases.  I was pretty pleased with myself for only spending $15, that is GOOD for me!

Looking forward to sunny mornings and more garage sales to come!

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